Poll: 2 Gambol, Or 2 Gallop?

Finley is getting her knobbular on- but is she “gamboling,” or is she “galloping?” GOTTA FIGURE THIS OUT, PEOPLE.

Gam·bol [ gámb’l ]

1. Leap playfully: to leap or skip around playfully
2. Playful leaping: an instance of leaping around playfully

Gal·lop [ gálləp ]

1. Fast-developing: proceeding or developing at a very fast rate

“This is the first foal born at the University of Missouri’s Equine Teaching Facility in Columbia, Missouri. Each year we get about six Quarter Horse foals, and this is the first one of 2013! She’s a bay filly we decided to call Finley, because this year all the foal’s names will start with ‘F.’ Here she is bouncing around while mom Della cleans up leftover hay.” -Delia B.


  1. I would have said OMG Ponies!!!!!, but that’s already taken. Instead I will point out how utterly adorable foals are with their legs that make up about two thirds of their height. Finley is gorgeous, just like her mom!

  2. If she were a bunny, we’d call that popcorning. Just happy, happy, happy! :)

  3. I say she has created a new word Gallopambolhopping

  4. Madame X says:

    Why, she’s gambolloping, of course!

  5. Martha in Washington says:


  6. Yep,my thoughts too :)
    And CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. CrankyAmy (@CrankyAmy) says:

    I love how mom’s all “yup, just keep running it out kid. . .”

  8. She does the horsie equivalent of the kitty-crab walk.

  9. for the most part, she’s cantering

  10. Agreed. I would call it freeform cantering.

  11. with the occasional jeté

  12. Would this be a Gallop poll, then?

  13. Looks like there is also some sproinging in there too, so this is a very difficult ques…….OMGPONIES!!11!!1!!1!1!11!!!

  14. 260Oakley says:

    I’m going to stay neutral on this one. I don’t want to a-filly-ate myself with either party.

  15. g-roan!

  16. Right back at you blair :-)

  17. It’s an old chestnut.

  18. 260Oakley says:

    Just trying to keep boredom at bay.

  19. I call foal on that joke!

  20. Sorry, I’m not willing to gambol on this one. :)

  21. Oh you crazy punsters! Thanks–suspect we all need a laugh today in the face of yesterday’s news.

  22. It’s a canter … with a kick!!

  23. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    In fact, it’s a lovely dressage canter that she’s doing. Galloping is much faster.

  24. doomchild says:

    That’s what I was looking at, almost a collected canter at some points (like 0:09). She has very beautiful and well-controlled, free movement! Gorgeous!

    Also she’s definitely sproinging. Why isn’t sproinging a required move in dressage?

  25. Don’t forget, peeps, the possibilities of romping, capering and frolicking also exist. :D

  26. Exactly—my first thoughts were she’s either “frolicking” and/or “cavorting.” Though bebeh horsie might be too leetle to cavort just yet.

  27. Mom’s all “Stop horsing around, Finley, and come finish your dinner.”

  28. shuger02135 says:

    So would this be a Gallop poll?

  29. Delia B. says:

    I’m glad everyone enjoyed the video! Here is the link to the farm’s Facebook page, which has tons more photos, for anyone interested in cute OMGPONIES!11!1 There are more photos of this year’s foals as well as the foals from previous years! https://www.facebook.com/MUEquine?fref=ts


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