Maximum McFloppulance

We’ve got paw-waving.
We’ve got bouncing ‘tocks.
We’ve got ear nomming.




Spotted on DP&F.



  1. Omigod if I were a dog person I’d have one of these RIGHT NOW. (Don’t tell the cats I said that.)

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Watch out! The Shih Tzu is about to hit the man…

  3. I’m not sure who I envy most – the goggy or the guy. 🙂

  4. I have a number of points to make:
    1. My face hurts cos’ I just grinned like an idiot for a full 3 minutes and eleven seconds.
    2. We have a new member to the “Cute Men of CO.”
    3. That ear nomming was viscious! Grrrrrr…..

  5. Apparently the interwebs really did just crash :: Grins Wickedly ::: Well for me, but then the Phone lines are down between here and there so who knows. I need a Shitz to nibble my ear.

  6. And I am in the Mod Lounge Pulls out hot cocoa and Gluten free yummy chocolate chip cookies to wait for sharpy

  7. *applause*
    😆 😆 😆

  8. Did you say the baby dog word? 😉

  9. omg – i can smell the puppy breath from here. ** falls dead **

  10. Did someone walk out of a sauna at the end?

  11. it’s so good, it surely must be fattening!!!!!!!!!

  12. The paw waving, people!!! TOO MUCH.

    So I went into my kitchen to see if there was a tiny puppeh morsel there. All there was was a dust bunny and a dead ant. 😀

  13. I just entered as well. 🙂 Did not use the baby dog word….

    kittyadventures, let’s share a large ice cream cake

  14. I grinned like a maniac throughout the whole video! So adorable. The Paws of Doom were adorable and I especially loved the nose chomping and the waggily little taileo. Cute cute cute.

  15. joools in PDX says:

    I needed that today, thank you very much. And I’m not even a fan of Shih Tzus.

  16. I love men who love animals.

  17. It’s a tough call, isn’t it? But I’ picking the guy, cuz he gets to play with a puplette and just be silly.

  18. Madame X says:

    Scruffy gentleman. On the floor. Playing with tinee fluffalicious puppeh. IN FRENCH!

    I iz ded in a puddle of glitter an’ shiny pink hearts an’rainbows…

  19. sabrina rose says:

    Yes!!! Clone that man!!!

  20. sabrina rose says:

    I liked the flirty eye action best. I don’t see dogs do that very often. Is that puppy a Shih Tzu or a Havanese?? Whatever – who is the breeder and where does the line start to get one?

  21. Thanks. That puppeh just made my day.

  22. Ohmagahd….reverse ear-nomming!! Run, tracylee, run!

    How can something be so tiny and furry and cute?!

  23. X53SoCrates says:

    Don’t forget the nose chomps! I got ded at the nose chomps!

  24. Madame X says:

    And the puppeh is not bad looking either… 😉

  25. phred's mom says:

    I second your vote (item 2) for the Men of CO
    Calendar. This guy deserves PAGE ONE!
    and maybe two, three, etc., etc. through to

  26. AT 0:26 when puppys legs go out and he loses his balance. Leg Splayage!!

  27. Cat Lover says:

    Completely and utterly adorable. I can’t stop smiling. Thanks!

  28. This is exactly what makes all that potty training worth it!

  29. JenDeyan says:

    I don’t know about the interwebs but my brain just crushed. Gonna have a helluva time booting it back up…

  30. actually nope and not sure what word got me thrown in LOL but Yay I am home and finally got tomwatchmit and spentmthementire three minutes happily grinning… sooooo Cute!

  31. YUMMM Ice Cream Cake.. Ohhh i am there with you for this treat.

  32. Men being gentle with animals = women in a pile of heart melted goo!

  33. I love love LOVE the little tail waggle just before the ear nomming! So cute (the puppeh, not the hoomin)! 🙂

  34. kibblenibble says:

    Puppeh is adorbs, but I spent the entire video looking for a wedding band. (There isn’t one!) Yep, I’m single and lonely and he’s cute.

  35. So here the French have just been lying in wait this whole time and then… BOOM! Out of nowhere, our asses on a platter!

  36. men of cute overload!!! love it.

  37. THEY NOM BACK!! Does tracylee know?!

  38. And there the wife coming in the door at the end saying “you silly man, get up off the floor and help me with the dishes!”

    I love how *both* the doggie and the man are sooooo happy. 🙂

  39. Frances Warner says:

    I agree, tough call. Not too many guys would admit to such sweetness. haha
    This puppy is just precious. Super cute video.

  40. Frances Warner says:

    Yep! Page 1 for the Men of CO Calendar. Sign me up for a copy.

  41. ummm… guessing it was “sh1tz”… 😉

  42. I can’t bear it! Stop it! Tooooo cute! This video is perfect. Please can everything be like this?

  43. love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Okay, here’s your number: 5,667,945

    We’ll call you when they’re ready.

  45. What everyone needs: a companion who makes you laugh.

  46. yep

  47. yes…heart goes kerplunk.

  48. Oh yes! They cater to our every whim here.

  49. You know it!

  50. I am grinning not just ear-to-ear, but all the way around!! And my heads-a gonna split open spilling rainbows and confetti all over the place!! That GUY is so-o-o adorable with that moonchkie puppelah that you MUST find him and give us more of this sweetiepoo-ness. It’s what most women would nom ears for…

  51. Clairedelune says:

    Me too!!