Explosions At Boston Marathon

Multiple explosions have rocked today’s Boston Marathon, with at least three deaths and scores of injuries reported. CO offers condolences to those affected.

Update: Here’s how you can help, and here’s where you can look for someone in the area that might have been affected, as well as some other helpful links.



  1. My heart aches for everyone who has been injured, the family member of the dead, and everyone who witnessed this horror. Don’t know what else to say, I’m numb.

  2. Sad day in Boston.

  3. No words. 😦

    I love you Boston.

  4. Teresa in NC says:

    Effing terrorists.

    My heart goes out to those affected.

  5. sabrina rose says:

    A dreadful, heartrending tragedy. Thank you CO for always being able to offer consolation.

  6. Hope every one affiliated with CO in Boston is ok

  7. Madame X says:

    Sad, sad day.

    Hug your loved ones, furry, feathered, scaly or human.

    Twelve years ago we were all New Yorkers; today we are all Bostonians

  8. Well said……well said.

  9. These people just went to watch the race,many of them lost thier limbs 😦

  10. Can’t wait to hear who is responsible so that I can kill them in my dreams.

  11. Coffee Cup says:

    Bostonians, check in please. Let us know you and your family are okay.

  12. As a Boston-area resident, thank you for the smile and the heart-warm.

  13. Sometimes. when things like this happen, I despair of the human race.
    Then I come here and CO peeps give me hope.

  14. It doesn’t change what happened, heal those who have been hurt, or bring back those who have died, but this quote from the great Fred Rogers never fails to make me feel a little less sadness.


  15. Boston Terriers everywhere howl in sympathy. 😦

  16. So terrible and so shocking. I used to work about a block away from the medical tent area, but our company would wisely close down every marathon Monday, as due to all the traffic blockades. Many other companies stay open, and of course with so many visitors in that very spot the retailers look forward to this day. Many families go down to watch the race, and it’s especially heart-breaking to hear that some of the injured were children. 😦

  17. Birdcage says:

    Thank you, CO. I find cute animals very comforting on days like this and I’m moved to see you mark this tragic day in your own style. Hearts and hugs to all in Boston.

  18. emmberrann says:

    My heart aches for my fellow Boston Terriers, and my beloved Beantown-on-the-Charles…

  19. Guyz?? under most circumstances I would be hearing from Skippymom who lives in Massac. but I can’t recall town anyhow she might have things to tell…she told me that she was sched to be off work 3-days (Sat/Sun/Mon) not due to the Marathon itself …and when she left work Fri she told me she would write me when/ if she goes to her work as usual. Library, partly govt funded so that could define what buildings are or are not in service… I’ll let her know about this post. She doesn’t have newfangled gadgetry like these here computer thingaamabobs at her home but does search and write plenty from work ….LDT/ Jax

  20. True dat

  21. Our hearts and prayers and warm thoughts go,out to,all of the victims of this horrible deed.

  22. Watched the race go through Newton. Largest spectator crowds I’ve seen in years. And a fair number of cute puppies running about. Surprised anyone would try anything with the amount of State Police, Swat teams, and military personnel partrolling the route. Gives new meaning to Heartbreak Hill.

  23. The Scared Novelist says:

    This was the first year I didn’t make it to watch the marathon, and I am so lucky.

    It breaks my heart that someone would do this to another human being in retaliation for something which none of the victims are ever personally responsible. Unfortunately this person or persons chose to continue the cycle of needless negativity and fear.

    I find the only comfort in seeing strangers come together to help one another in the midst of a nightmare. That really is touching and serves as a reminder that we should be kind at every possible turn and that there is still so much goodness in the world even though it takes a tragedy to see it. For so much blood lost today, there was also much given.

    Boston, MA

  24. Blue Footed Booby says:

    The great thing about the sort of person who blows up random strangers is that they’re almost always constitutionally incapable of not being caught. Either they brag about it, or they buy the supplies with their credit card, or they get pulled over for driving poorly then inexplicably consent to a search which discovers 500 pounds of fertilizer and a sack of ball bearings.

    Some folks say evil always contains the seeds of its own destruction. I say the personality traits that make terrorism and mass murder seem like a good idea are mutually exclusive with sound judgement.

    Here’s to hoping for speedy capture and not starting another damn war.

  25. Remember we should all give even more for fellow humans than anipals!, and consider also giving to Emergency Responders of choice, including cops, paramedics, firefighters, docs and nurses; the real human beings are the ones that run TOWARDS the noise, smoke and chaos at their own cost.
    Good news that donations to the Red Cross in Canada will be matched and tripled:
    We went to Boston a month after Sept 11th to show solidarity for a city we love; we’ll be back to see you shortly 🙂

  26. Eurgh; so sorry for the last icon; on a British keyboard and can’t find the vertical line.

  27. remember when cuteoverload NEVER EVER posted about anything other a cute animal???? I came here for a break from the news and for a smile but that just isn’t a guarantee ever since meg stopped being the primary poster. UG. miss old cuteoverload.

  28. fleurdamour says:

    *hugs Emberann*

  29. Also dont forget to donate blood.. Check your local red cross chapter for dates

  30. I’m glad you didn’t make it there today.

  31. humminbirdie says:

    So grateful my dad ran across the finish line four minutes before the first explosion!

    My heart is with all of those families who lost their runners, and those who are in hospital tonight!

    Only love, healing, farming and teaching can fix this world!

  32. And cuteness. Cute innocent cuteness. Don’t forget the healing powers of the Qte.

  33. Hello from Paris says:

    I can’t believe this madness.
    I send all my support from Paris, France.
    On shock.

  34. I join you from Szczecin, Poland.

  35. I feel sorry for all America tonight. We are so lucky here in NZ ‘cos not many people know where we are, so we never get targeted. It sux that Americans are expected to deal with this, just because you’re Americans. It’s sad cos’ when somewhere in the world needs help America is usually the first to offer and send help. Sending you South Pacific hugs…. (they contain penguin chicks, dolphins and baby seals!)

  36. Fingers crossed for all in Boston, including our own Skippymom. Condolences for all the losses. Terrorism strikes against all of us, whether we are involved or not and even where we are living on a different continent.

    As you might have picked up from the news, we in the UK have just lost one of our former prime ministers, Mrs Thatcher. There has been both rioting and public celebrations of her death. She is to be given a public funeral, partly at the tax-payers’ expense, tomorrow. I was no supporter of her brutal fiscal policies, that destroyed entire communities built around heavy industry in the North of England in the 1970s and 1980s and remember, with horror, the pain and degradation suffered by people who lost their jobs, with nothing to replace them. However, I am praying that nobody decides to disrupt her funeral tomorrow by setting bombs or even minor explosive devices that could go horribly wrong.

  37. Thank you for the link, Rosemary. We need more kind and gentle people like Fred Rogers in the world. Of course, they do exist here at CO, which is why I visit here several times a day. Peace to all.

  38. My condolences to the victims of this tragic event. May all Americans be safe and stay strong – as we, the rest of the world, know them so well to do. Regards, Terry – from South Africa.

  39. I live outside of Boston and I just knew that CO would be a comfort to me this morning, even more so than usual. I keep thinking of the family who lost their 8-year old boy yesterday – their lives so cruelly shattered.

    What keeps me going in the face of such insanity and grief is knowing how much people do care. Those who were there yesterday and were fortunate enough not to suffer any injuries were the first to try to help in any way they could. Good people helping other good people in need – that’s what I draw from all of this. That’s what I’ll keep in my heart.

    Love to all.

  40. We need to hear from skippymom.

  41. I’m glad you remembered us.

  42. Coffee Cup says:

    Do you know which library? JFK Library is right downtown near the blast, but all staff members and visitors were accounted for and safe, according to a tweet I saw yesterday. Is she actually in Boston?

  43. Coffee Cup says:

    Isn’t it times like these in which photos of adorable animals are even more comforting? There are thousands of archived photos for you to look at. You don’t need to trample on this one when many obviously find it comforting to know others are thinking about them.

  44. God Bless America! And big thank you’s to all the support from around the world for those suffering at this time in Boston. Continue the prayers and support.

    Hats off and hugs to those wonderful people (first responders) who ran towards the attack. Without those individuals who put their lives on the line every day, many more people would have been hurt.

    Thank you CO for your openess to sharing and allowing us all the opportunity to process our grief. You are there for those who need to talk or see cuteness or cry or maybe even both, thank you!

  45. I am so grateful for CO for posting the cute puppeh and giving us a forum to speak. A lot of sites are filled with political posts and words that are not kind in the response/comments sections. CO is a haven and that is evidenced by the kindness of the posters here.

    Boston peeps rule.
    Boston terriers and all anipals rule.
    CO rules.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  46. Hi Rachael ❤ ❤ Greetings from NH!

    Here is a story of wonderful people helping…

    Many runners went to local hospitals to donate blood. Residents of Back Bay opened their homes to people in need. They are awesome.

  47. I am having problems processing this. It’s almost like my mind refuses to think about it. It’s too horrible for words. My prayers go to everyone who was injured/killed by the blast and I hope the bomber is found and incarcerated quickly.

  48. whiskers says:

    I live in Waltham, about 8 miles outside the center of the city. This is just…mind numbing. Thank you CO for teh cyoot.

  49. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    The JFK Library is NOT in downtown Boston. It is in Columbia Point which is in the southern part of the city. The Kennedy School of Government is part of the Harvard University Campus in Cambridge. Neither is located near the location of the bomb blasts.

  50. Miss Tara says:

    Very true, Madame X.

  51. Hugs Whiskers

  52. Glad to hear your daddy is ok.

  53. I work in Waltham. In fact, I am there (here) right now! *waving to whiskers*

  54. And of course, it’s all about you, isn’t it?

  55. I had to watch Dancing with the Stars to keep my mind off this,and even then the host was crying throughout the show cuz he is from there.

  56. I JUST GOT A DIRECT emaily chatty thingamabob from a living and well skippymom during this past hour folks. All is well for her household + skippy + eddy + any of her known relatives!!! wooo HOO at least for that part.

    L.T jax / approx 2:30 / 3 pm Tues/ Fla time

  57. Condolence from Singapore…

    God bless America and all her people.
    Especially to Bostonian..
    Hope for speedy recovery to those that were hurt..
    And RIP to those who were caught in it…

    I love CO always…

  58. Dah Mouse says:

    Thank you one and all, for keeping alive the fact that there are still people here on planet earth who care for and about others! My heart is broken for everyone involved in this horrid, horrid event, but now our tears can begin to heal us.

    Hugs. Snorgles. Purrs. Loving head butts from Cameo, Josey-girl and Thomas O’Malley Alley Cat