Dateline: Kigali, Rwanda- Magilla Glub Glub, Vol. V–Lights Out!

Whadya do in Kigali, Rwanda of all places…when the lights go out?

You eat meatballs! Just like Magilla Glub Glub.

“MGG and I made this video last night. Our power was out and my wife was in the U.S. so we were left to entertain ourselves. Glub Glub really likes eating meatballs, so we decided to see how many he could eat in 60 seconds. I think he does pretty well for his first try. He promises to eat more the next time he gets a chance.” -Hoomin Nathan G.



  1. Meatballs for dinner and meatballs for dessert. If I were a cat, this would sound like heaven.

    MG3 is SO HANDSOME!!!!

  2. MGG is a rock star!! And his hooman is pretty awesome too.

  3. Cat-sized meatballs, how perfect! I will have to remember to try this with my cats the next time the power goes out at my place.

  4. Clairedelune says:

    Yeah, meatballs rock!!!! 25 meatballs?? This sounds like heaven for this hoomin, not just MG3.:-D 😀

  5. Clairedelune says:

    Why wait until then? Am sure your cats would appreciate the meatballs even with the lights on! 😀

  6. Glubb Glubb Likes his Grub Grub… I Know a groaner but really you know some one had to say it.

  7. Clairedelune says:

    sugitomo: I forgot to add… could you please let me know when you plan the meatball fest? Just in case the cats have leftovers. *smiles beesechingly* 😉

  8. Clairedelune says:

    hee hee hee!!! 🙂

  9. Eating as many meatballs as you possibly can in 60 seconds. That sounds like fun fun…. and yum yum! 🙂

  10. MGG is so methodical, he eats his meat balls one at a time and in order too!

    In my house the meat balls would be flying off in all directions to be played with before beaing eaten 😆

  11. MG3 is gorgeous!

  12. If he eats too many meatballs, he’ll be Magilla Chub Chub

  13. 4leafclover says:

    Magilla Glub Glub by candlelight–what could be better?!

  14. At my house, I’d have to have about 200 meatballs, and it would be total chaos… 😯 🙂

  15. Coffee Cup says:

    Hahaha. Or Meatball Chub Chub.

  16. I’ve been commenting from my iPod sorry for the typos.

  17. emmberrann says:


  18. This video makes me so happy – MGG has such a nice human! Nathan rocks for making MGG-sized meatballs, and for entertaining his kitty even during a power outage. Love, love, love this.

  19. murkle46 says:

    Magilla is a wonder-puss!

  20. *looks back & forth* typos?? WOT typos???? No worries Queen Gigi!! 🙂

  21. kibblenibble says:

    Here to NOMinate Magilla’s hooman, Nathan, for the Men of CO calendar.

  22. This is so silly. I like it!

  23. Oh Magilla, I would aim higher than Kobayashi. Joey Chestnut look out!!!

  24. Funny, I thought about saying “Watch out Joey Chestnut” but thought more people would get the Kobayashi reference.

  25. Me too! 😀

  26. What a great idea for whenever the next power cut happens! My boy Lugosi would easily eat 30 meatballs in 60 seconds!

  27. Cute video, but…..on mute.

    Why put terrible music over the sounds of a cat making nibble nibble noises?

  28. 😆 Magilla Glub Glub will definitely devour 30 meatballs in 60 seconds 😆 Cats will gobble down food they like until their tummies are almost as big as they are if given the chance 😆

  29. Taste is very subjective. 😉