Maru Speaks!

In this latest edition of The World Belonging According to Maru, we actually get to hear The Big Fella speak- a rarity.


Keep on doing what you do, Mugumogu.


  1. Even his meow is mellow. How I love this cat!

  2. It was worth it.

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    Maru pushed teddy aside and squeezes into the box in 3….2….1

  4. emmberrann says:

    O, how I luv Maru! Even his mew. Don’t you?

  5. I agree. The meow is precious!

  6. I second that :D Maru has the nicest meow :D

  7. Poor Maru, he really doesn’t look too sure about that new toy. On the other hand, he knows exactly what to do with a bird! :lol:

  8. I thought he was gonna smack the crap out of it! LOL

  9. Loff the stalking tocks!!

  10. Oh great hunter Maru, we hear your mighty roar >:3

  11. HA! That was my thought exactly. ;)

  12. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    What I love about Maru is that he is just so square, chunky & robust looking! Super healthy looking. And sassy to boot. Awesome little dude. Love the cat in the can toy,I’d like to get it for my mom’s kitty!

  13. Don Lake says:

    I think he’ll make the transition to talkies just fine.

  14. So chunky a cat, but so sweet and girly a mew. I love it!

  15. He’s a mewzzo-soprano!

  16. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Hehe, same, I was expecting a baritone.

    One of the cats I live with is kinda small, but really dense and muscular, and has a really high-pitched mew. I call him Tyson. :V

  17. Maru is in touch with his feminine side and he’s proud of it. :)

  18. You’d think that for his bodacious size that you’d get a roar like the MGM lion.. It’s a girly sound. :) That’s ok Maru.. we still love you!

  19. Maru makes me happy. And, his hooman makes me awestruck at her cleaning skills.

  20. Is that really Maru or a sound the toy makes? Either way, I love his “Whattarya, a wise guy? Why I oughtta–!!” expression. :D

  21. Cowardly Lion reference was SPOT ON! ;)

  22. I had to rewind, but the toy was just a beep :) The big scary roar came after.

  23. I feel like we just heard Maggie speak.

  24. Truly, Maru is feline perfection! I mean, look at those EYES!

  25. It cannot be said enough: I love Maru. I love his big round head. I love this thick tail. I love the little freckle on his nose. And I love the way he goes about everything–even playing–in such a serious, focused, determined manner.

  26. daisycam says:

    i love his big ball of a head, too. i just saw mr. maru on a commercial, just sittin’ in his box.

  27. His nose freckle just keels me.


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