Caturday: The Finn Is IN

Some dazzling photography from Ann W. Check the hovers for her commentary.













  1. Too. Much. Cuteness! *makes grabby hands at Finn*

  2. kibblenibble says:

    I love, love, love to hear stories about animals who find forever homes, and the hoomans who dote upon them. Finn is charming and handsome. So glad that he and Ann found each other.

  3. Once again, YaY! for ResQtes!
    And yes, they do pick you – I never once in my life set out to pick a cat, and yet I have ended up with many many!

  4. Awww! I wish Finn lived near me. I would visit him in the store every day and ask if he was for sale. 😉

  5. You are absolutely right Ann, your Finn has a lot more style than Justin Timberlake and he would look fabulous in a bow tie!

  6. Coffee Cup says:

    Finn is so cute!

  7. I love Finn’s little harness with the cat on his chest!! Anyone know where to get it for my own kitty? 🙂

  8. Heather P says:

    I “ditto” all of the comments here! And add, what a handsome little guy you have 🙂

  9. I remember years ago having a cat I would “walk” on a leash once in awhile. Everyone was astounded .. “you can’t put a cat on a leash!!”. It’s so gratifying to see that attitude has changed even to the point that they’re making little kitty harnesses (much better than just the collar I had) for kittehs to go on leash! Yahooo!!

  10. My mom used to take the boy cat out on a leash but he didn’t have a proper harness and I was always afraid he’d manage to pull his head out of the collar (he certainly tried!). She stopped because it was just encouraging him to try to get out the front door (though he was cured of that after he actually managed to get out and ended up spending the night outside because it got too dark to keep looking for him). They don’t have front claws (a decision I had no say in) so they can’t be outdoor cats on their own.

    The girl cat, on the other hand, is perfectly happy to be an indoor kitty. When we put the leash on her and set her down on the porch, she huddled against the wall next to the door and cried until we let her back in. She’s a fraidy cat and would much rather just look out the window.

  11. Aww, thanks guys! Finn will be so happy to hear he has more fans! =D

  12. First of all, we have yet another amazing photographer here!!

    Tell Finn I simply adore him. What a handsome guy! And I couldn’t be happier in hearing about another happy ending for hooman and anipal. Yay for resqtes!!!!

  13. Ann!! Where did you get Finn’s most cutest harness ever? He’s soooo cute and such a good helper 😉

  14. Sheilagh says:

    Dunno if this is legit, but it MIGHT be a source for large & small dog helmets (small might fit a cat??)

  15. Cheddar05 says:

    Yay for resqte!!! Finn is sooooooooooooo beautiful! I am glad he and Ann found each other. ❤

  16. Finn looks just like my Peskie, but Finn’s much more tolerant of traveling, going outside, and strangers. My boy is neurotic, but I lurve the little resqte floofball.

  17. Finn got his, oddly enough, at WalMart!

  18. Totally Jersey says:

    Gah! ResQte love. Finn is adorable and you are a most excellent Kitty Mama, Ann.

  19. Great photos!!! Finn is a beautiful cat!

  20. Gorgeous pretty kitteh! yay for good hoomin!

  21. fifthsonata says:

    I love his noseliner!

  22. ok, you hear about those lucky dogs (and lucky humans!) who get to go to work w/their peeps- but a CAT who gets to go to work w/his mom? I don’t know who I’m more jealous of, you or Finn.

  23. I also just LOVE to hear about rescue kitties who find their loving forever homes, kibblenibble 😀 Especially if those kitties find their loving forever homes with their rescurers who love them so much 😀

  24. Those kitties know they will ALWAYS find a loving forever home with you, ceejoe 😀 I would not be surprised if their spirits also guide other kitties to you by sending them a psychic map from the Rainbow Bridge 🙂

  25. If I lived near where that store that has Finn in it, I would have to stop myself from picking Finn up and walking out the door with him, Jane 😀

  26. How cute!

  27. Finn is adorable Ann. I love how he “chose” you. You should feel honored. And very lucky.

  28. victoreia says:

    Well, wouldn’t any cat?

  29. victoreia says:

    I’ll second that!

  30. I don’t really like the idea of leashes on cats. But tis a very cute cat

  31. Read “Streetcat Bob”, if you can get hold of it. A vulnerable London busker took in a starving cat, who insisted on staying with him even though he tried to find his proper home, travelling with him to his pitch in Covent Garden, on a leash.

  32. I really do! He’s a huge member of our family! ❤

  33. macquills says:

    You can get small helmets at My dog wears one when we’re on the mototrcycle. It seems like she’s pertty comfortable in it.

  34. Clairedelune says:

    You may have something there, Theresa. After my first sreet rescue several decades ago, four more kitties found their way to my porch – literally! – in various states of misery – the sweetest was a long-haired beauty, not more than one month old, desperately hanging onto my screen door, wet and bedraggled and scared out of his wits by a torrential thunderstorm… needless to say, they all stayed and spent the rest of their lives being loved and in royal comfort. And once again, now there is a new one… 😀

  35. Clairedelune says:

    If I tried to put a leash on my kitty and take her outside, she might strangle herself trying to chase the birds and squirrels up a tree – she goes crazy when she sees them from the window.

  36. I’m not sure who’s luckier, the kitties or you?

  37. Dah Mouse says:

    Finn looks just like my Thomas O’Malley Alley Cat–better known as Thomas Snorglebutt. He literally ran across a busy street, meowing at the top of his kitty lungs, and threw himself into my arms! He was “baby #5” and is worth everything to us, now that 3 of our seniors have gone on ahead of us!

  38. He loves the camera!!! So beautiful! Kat

  39. that is a very stylish red harness. i wish my kitties would let me harness them!

  40. Sharon Wilson says:

    Our cat loved to sit on the motorcycle seat. We called her Motorcycle Cat.

  41. What a lovely boy! I would like to give him kisses. I wonder if she named him for anyone?

  42. Thanks for all the love everyone! Finn is currently passed out in his little bed after a rousing afternoon of running around the house like a crazy person.

    Finn is named for the character “Finn the human boy” from the Cartoon Network show, “Adventure Time.”

    To see more of the jewelry store we hang out at occasionally, visit their Facebook page: