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This week sees the long-awaited release of Long Faces, the ninth album from Høørses, Iceland’s premier emo/metal band.

Joining the band is new lead singer Hunke Funke, replacing founding member Ziggy Gaarblefaarb, fired by the band last year due to his addiction to sugar cubes.

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  1. Wait a minute… The Icelandic language does not have the letter Ø! That’s in Danish and Norwegian. Something smells fishy here.

  2. *snkr* Sugarcubes. *snrk*
    Björk Björk Björk!

  3. That smell would be my rotten attention for detail.

  4. Well, the fish smell could be because Iceland has such a huge fishing industry.

  5. Suit was brought by Gaarblefaarb’s daughter, Margret Gaarblefaarbsdottir.

  6. Snörk Snörk Snörk! 😀

  7. Well, if American bands can put random umlauts and such in their band names when English doesn’t use that orthography, I don’t see why Icelandic bands can’t do the same.

  8. GET A HAIRCUT, YOU HIPPIES! *shaking cane in the air*
    When I were a boy, we had them dang hippie horses from wherever, singing that dadgum bug music… beetle something, whatever they called it. We didn’t like it back then, either! All whinnyin’ and spittin’ in their microphones… *grumble*

  9. Somewhere Patti Smith is laughing.

  10. Their rider includes carrots. Lots of carrots.

  11. On a related note, I noticed last night that NatGeo channel has been running the “Year of Natural Scotland” ads. I’m waiting for the ponies in sweaters. Only because of CO would I expect such a thing.

  12. No, no, it’s not, NOMTOM. It’s post-punk irony and, with your usual genius, you’ve discovered it before anybody else. All the emo/metal horse bands I know are doing it. Trust me, watch Scuzz!

  13. We have lambs in sweaters in Derbyshire because Spring is just peeking around the corner here, but isn’t convinced it’s safe to come out yet.

  14. Of course, there’s always the Four Horses Doo-Wop quartet to fall back on: http://www.dennyweb.com/singing_horses.htm

  15. pix plz

  16. Oooooo-wah-wah-wah! 😆

  17. Loff eet!

  18. phred's mom says:

    also American ice cream companies playing
    fast and loose with the ol’ umlaut.

  19. phred's mom says:

    I tried and failed miserably to find alternative
    alphabets for that last inadequate reply on my
    first edition IPad. Gotta be in there somewhere,