And Now, an Old Joke

Last night, I dreamt I was eating the largest marshmallow in the world, and when I woke up that morning, my pillow was gone!

Kissa eats a pillow, via selmerv.



  1. Kitty looks more like he’s flossing and avoiding a trip to the dentist.

  2. Whee-skaires!!

  3. Spidercat, Spidercat,
    Does whatever and takes a nap
    Spins a web, any size,
    Catches mice just like flies
    Look Out!
    Here comes the Spidercat.

  4. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Maybe he was dreaming of cotton candy (which is much better than marshmallows). 🙂

  6. sabrina rose says:

    What a cute poem and so appropos to the picture!! Is it from a child’s book, or did you make it up?

  7. Awesome!


  9. Correction: (ahem)

  10. Thanks but I just changed a few words in the theme song of the old Spiderman cartoon.

  11. Not so tinee, methinks.

  12. re: “An Old Joke”

    As the husband often says – “Careful with that one. It’s an antique.”

  13. It’s the teef, er, toofeez that are tinee, not the tabbee.

  14. emmberrann says:

    I wonder if eating the insides of the pillow is not harmful to the kitteh tummeh.

  15. poniesss says:

    A new development in technology — the Cattonball gin.

  16. poniesss says:

    Blast, let me correct that to “catton gin.” Dreaming of fluffy round things too much…

  17. I wonder the same thing, emmberrann.

  18. victoreia says:


  19. If they routinely ingest their own fur and cough it back up, maybe eating pillow innards results in a polyester-ball.

  20. “I can’t keep that down.” That is cruel and unusually funny hovertext pun-ishment, NTMTOM.

  21. YAY

  22. doomchild says:

    Kissa is Finnish for cat 🙂

  23. EWWW and then some. looks like sp. web and I hate sp. yes I know they have have a purpose but if I see a sp inside the house I throw a bowl or something over it.
    Avoid it by taking the long way around it till hubby can take it outside. And even though he did’nt touch the sp. I make DARN SURE he washes his hands and puts bowl in dishwasher. we’ve been married long enough that he Knows to take this seriuosy. when his hands have been well washed he always gives me a big hug for me and the inner child.
    for me that gesture is way better then a dozen fresh cut roses and then some.

  24. I used to be afraid of spiders, too, until I lived in Florida. There, I used to keep them around to kill the roaches. It’s all in the perspective, my dear. The idea is to be stronger than your fears. 🙂

  25. well at least there are no wolf sp. in DE. saw my 1st one in VA.
    I was SHOCKED had NO idea that sp. came in that size.
    we are org. from upstate NY i agree with your be stronger than your fears. except when sp. come in any size unless they are little bitty.

  26. Glad i’m not the only one with the same concern. I’m assuming that after the pic, this pillow was removed from chewing vacinity.

  27. doomchild says:

    “keep them around”? No way! Just.. NO!
    And I sure as heck ain’t checking out what wolf spiders are. Nuh-uh.

  28. don’t look them up!!!!!
    nightterrors for weeks!!!!
    I don’t panic easly but when I saw that thing i hyperventerled.