THIS JUST IN: Stop, Play, Paws, Rewind

(Totally stole the title.) New from Simon and his cat!



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    Too cute!

  2. I just love it when he points to his mouth – my favorite Simon’s Cat gesture ever. 🙂

  3. And he’s taught the little one to do it! 😀

  4. Haha…. You know though, I seriously worry about that sometimes with these new lightweight TVs today…

  5. Gaaah, this is funny. I think everybody knows how it’s going to end– it’s all the stuff that happens in between that’s hysterical. I love
    1. How they’re enthralled by everything on the screen except the news and weather;
    2. How The Cat goes behind the screen in search of the Moving Things. My Stinky used to do this all the time– and there’s a YouTube vid of a cat watching a car race, and looking behind the screen for the disappeared cars. 😀

  6. My favorite part!

  7. Isn’t that why they have those wall-mounted swing arms?

  8. I believe I have been the recipient of such guerilla tactics by my bunch of terrorist catties as well.

  9. Jackie Rose says:

    Marco the Magnificat totally did this when he was a kitten. He liked to play patty-cake with the weather man. He was a fan of the basketball highlights as well.

  10. Haha, in real life I saw this coming when I got my cats… So I gave my little TV to a friend and bought one that is so ridiculously large that even I cannot move it (yes, it is still a flat screen). But now, when a cat is on TV, it is lifesized and that irritates the hell out of them … ‘How and when did that other cat get into our place?!?’

  11. All my cats do this. Especially when I am playing a CO video with sound! So far nothing has tipped over, but I am sitting right there. They always go around to the back. Highly behaviorally accurate.

  12. yep, another winner!!

  13. *investigate*investigate*ROAR!*heartattack* lol

  14. (After the screen is broken): Aaaah, who needs TV anyway?

  15. I’m always amazed at how Simon knows what MY cats do 😆

  16. SlaveToCat says:

    When my cats investigate what is behind the computer or tv they always manage to turn off the power strip/surge protector thingiey.

  17. 😆 Typical kitty behaviour 😆

  18. Playing it, with sound turned on… Suddenly there is a third voice, with a nearly identical mrreow… Yep, Dusty sounds just like Simon’s cats.

    She doesn’t point to her mouth, though. But she did come jump in my lap, mrreowing the whole time, and sort of sniff at the laptop… Very observant fellow, Simon!

  19. i love the bebeh kitteh mews

  20. Watching their synchronised “tennis swivel” headturns is probably my favorite.

  21. Princess Fiona says:

    I love the part where Simon’s cat’s head is superimposed on the kangaroo’s body!

  22. Love it!!! I got a Simon´s Cat T-shirt for my birthday yesterday, so chuffed. It´s the one with the mouth pointing gesture. 😀

  23. victoreia says:

    I am starting to wonder if plans to buy a flat-panel tv is wise, now……

    Our (“new”) little guy, James, likes to sit on the top of our (not flat-panel at all) tv; sometimes to get away from Kyuri.

    I say ” new” because James and his sister Lily (total coincidence) are inherited. Lily’s around twelve years old, like Ezri and Kyuri; James is eight.

  24. Soooooo cute!!!!!!

  25. Some nights, when my husband decides we need dinner, he does that gesture at me and it cracks me up every time.

  26. My husband and I do that too. We also have a cardboard cut-out of Simon’s Cat that lives in our RV and travels with us.

  27. ocelot252 says:

    My Casey does this with my Nintendo DS. His paw pads occationally will activate the touch screen too, which has cost me more than one game of Yatzee

  28. victoreia says:

    I know, right?