Mom Taxi VIII: Rufus

Cuteporter Amanda M. zipped us off this email. “I adopted Rufus in December 2011. He was rescued by the Georgia Humane Society at age 1 from a high kill shelter the day he was supposed to be put to sleep. I found him after he was in his foster home and he was really sick. Turns out he has balance issues and can’t see very well. He’s silly. It would make his day to be on Cute Overload!”

[Rufus, consider your day made, my friend. -Ed]


UPDATE By Request: Ruf-hance Action!




  1. laurielou2 says:

    <3333333 What an angel….

  2. fleurdamour says:

    I think we need a Ruf-hance on that sweet little face. :)

  3. you GOT it.

  4. One dog, puppeh, cat, kitteh, at a time. Thank you, everyone.

  5. pupfanatic says:

    So twue. Le sigh.

  6. Pic 1=thankyouthankyouthankyou. Pic 2=Excellent splayage. Please give Rufus a little boop on his gumdrop nosicle.

  7. PRECIOUS. In too many ways to count.

    But it makes me want to lead a cheer: come on everybody, who’s with me?!





    repeat ad infinitum

  8. So precious…thank you Amanda for Resqte-ing this furbaby.
    I’m with you Lucy E.
    And adding…

  9. Roo-Fus! Roo-Fus! Aman-Da! Aman-Da!
    Gimme a C! Gimme a U! Gimme a T! Gimme an E!
    What’s that spell??

  10. What a kisser!

  11. victoreia says:


  12. heartwarming. thank you

  13. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    That first picture is beautiful.

  14. That first photo is pure trust and happiness.

  15. And you, precious Rufus, have made my day. YAY for a happy ending!

  16. Same here! What an awesome story. <3 <3 <3 <3

  17. emmberrann says:

    Yay for the ResQte! (Emphasis on Qte!)

  18. love you amanda hoomin!

  19. OMG, the cute little sweet face and the splayage in the last pic — this is way too much.

  20. woofy's ma says:

    Such an adorable little doll. Rufus has a hoomin mommy now.

  21. Could there be a more moving sight than that first picture? The love, the trust, the sheer joy of belonging. Thank you, Amanda Hoomin, for taking this little boy into your heart. I think you’re both extremely lucky.

    Now stop choppin’ up onions in here!!

  22. The first photo is absolutely melt-your-heart adorable! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a sweet photo!

  23. I wonder if he has a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia. He sounds a lot like the CH kitty I used to have.

  24. X53SoCrates says:

    Mop up in aisle 1! That precious face and the hoomin heart that loves it turned me into a puddle!

  25. X53SoCrates says:

    Correction….mop up in mod lounge….

  26. Thank you for taking this fur baby into your heart and home.

  27. pupfanatic says:

    Uh, folks, are you all forgetting something? ONE BROWN EAR! ONE!

  28. Thanks for sharing such pictures of pure love. I have tears of joy in my eyes that this precious baby was spared and found such a blessed home.

  29. I’d suggest yoga for his sense of balance. Bet he’s great at downward facing dog.

  30. I have a puppy that I saved from a shelter in Tn this past March that is identical to Rufus, same ears and same brown spot on tail, Could it be Rufus’s puppy. So weird, I saved her on the day she was to be put to sleep. Her name is Pinky and I wish I knew how to post a picture so you could see her. If Amanda will email me at Pambud96@aol
    I would love to talk to her.


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