Has Pablo Met His Match?!?!

[Say in the voice of the Batman TV show announcer:]

A fantastically fiendish toy spider invades Pablo’s home!

Will Pablo be able to repel the insidious invader or…is it curtains for Pablo The Pug???

More brilliance at Adam C’s Bat-Channel.


  1. 260Oakley says:

    Pablo Pugcasso’s “Boo!” Period


  3. Must kill le spider before it attacks human

  4. Sweep the leg!

    That’s worth 100 internets right there.

  5. That’s alright Pablo, that spider scared me too!

  6. Well I guess it’s official.. I’ve seen the movie Demolition Man too many times.
    When I looked at the title I thought it said Matched his Meat. For those that haven’t seen the movie don’t be mad at me folks it was Sandra Bullock’s line first. ;oD

  7. I so agree.

  8. LOVE this video. I’ve been watching this throughout my week when I needed a good laugh. And that was a lot.

  9. spiggy769 says:

    These poor dogs. They look frightened. They should invest in the protection services of a cat.

    I mean If I was operating that thing my cat would have torn that thing up withing the first sighting of the beast….then it would have came after me for letting me know where my place actually is in the greater scheme of things

  10. Is this by the same guy that did the kitten & the apples on the bed? How DID he find & sync the perfect music for this?

  11. victoreia says:

    *golf clap*

  12. Madame X says:

    This guy deserves an Oscar for editing… Brilliant!

  13. the stuff of nightmares…..

  14. Randall Patee says:

    This is totally awesome! LOVE the captions and the suspenseful music. Bravo!

    Terri from Indy

    Sent from my iPad

  15. Notices recurring spider theme in Brinke’s posts … gently chastises Brinke in private … Brinke promises to play nice … makes note to self to keep an eye on that ‘un.
    lol :-P

  16. meeeeeeee?

  17. Aw, stop bein’ cute. Oh wait, no don’t.

  18. lisaLASSIE says:


  19. lisaLASSIE says:

    Hmmmpphhhh. Please ignore that person behind the CO curtain. Keep those spiders comin’!!

  20. “I can take him…No I can’t!”

    I vote Pablo as the 12th Doctor

  21. You gotta give the pug credit for getting on the couch. That was a smart move.


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