Friday Haiku: My Sunbeam

My friend the sunbeam
Is always waiting for me
Except when it rains

Teresa C. sez: “This is my little girl Lou Lou. She is 3 years old, a teacup yorkie who weighs a whopping 3.5 lbs.”



  1. Yes, it’s Friday! Enjoy Weekend! I hope the sun will shine here in Switzerland. Greetings to everyone! Relax! Life is to short for worries.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Last time you saw me
    You thought it might be Friday
    Good news, now it is

  3. Oh, is it Friday again so soon??

    Such a wisea$$. 🙂

  4. Groundhog day!

  5. WIN!!

  6. YAY! It’s Friday!!! Again? 🙂 Every day is Friday if you have a Yorkie in a sunbeam

  7. Two Fridays each week
    An idea I can support
    Now back to napping.

  8. this post had me seriously concerned that somehow I had missed a day.

  9. Cat-like reflexes:
    To follow sunbeams, look cute,
    And look pat-deprived.