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Holly B.’s husband took this video of her ginger cat, Loki, who, “loves watching squirrels so my husband has trained them to come to the window for peanuts. Loki got so excited he ended up assisting the squirrel and pushed a peanut right to him! It was so adorable! Here’s the video I thought everyone would enjoy 🙂
I love the site, keep up the good work, brings me so much joy on a daily basis! :)”



  1. rescue gal says:

    Haha- “assisting” the squirrel is nice way of saying that Loki is trying to get his paw out there to smack said squirrlio.

  2. Awww, disguising murder as “play”.

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    Just trying to fatten up the little bugger.

  4. Kari Callin says:

    I’m sure the squirrel thanks you for the helping paw! LOL

  5. Coffee Cup says:

    Murder? It’s not like the cat is outdoors with the squirrel.

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  7. Chihgirl says:

    Love how Mr. Squirrel sits there, eating the peanut juuuuuuust outside the window,
    for kitty to watch in utter frustration…(-:

  8. Kind of agree, cat is ridiculously amused/entertaned, squirrel can eat tasty peanuts in safety and the only loser is hubby who is out of peanut money.

  9. Martha in Washington says:

    “Sadistic cat owners” was my first thought. Then I LOL’d!! I’d do the same if I had windows like that. 😈

  10. canidaean says:

    Payback for all the times kitties have perched on the fenceposts or their porches and serenely washed themselves while doggies on walks have strangled at the ends of their leads!

  11. Coffee Cup says:

    I also don’t think cats killing squirrels is “murder.” That implies cats have morals, which they don’t because they’re animals. Killing other things is predatory instinct. They only avoid killing things or chasing things because owners have trained them not to, not because they think it’s wrong.

  12. Hey there, Loki’s owner here, I guess I’ll feed the trolls. Definitely not murder…he’s an indoor cat, he can’t even reach them! I love squirrels just as much as I love cats so there’s NO way I’d ever let him get a hold of one. He spends most of his day watching them, I feel it’s great exercise and a great enrichment activity for him. Nobody is getting harmed silly.

  13. I am in total agreement with you on this. My three furboyz are strictly indoor, and get great entertainment out of the birds and squirrels I feed outside their favorite window seat. The outside critters have rapidly come to realize they are safe and will come right up to the window. The cats, for their part, make chattering noises and sometimes swat at the cheekier red squirrels, who in turn chatter back 😉