THIS JUST IN: Mags to Riches

The story of Beans-erella starts on a cold, foggy San Francisco pier …
And ends up with a Toni’s Kitty Rescue milk-stache fairy getting In Touch.

And they all lived happily ever after.


Big news from Josh N.! And he makes a leetle joke too! “So check this out. “Beans” from Toni’s Kitty Rescue ended up in the magazine In Touch Weekly. Here are three shots – the original shot, the magazine photo, and then Beans next to the magazine photo. Of course, he aged a few weeks in between so his ears moved from the side of his head to the top of his head. Anyway, he is the cutest thing ever. You can also work in a joke about the Pawparrazi.” Applause!



  1. Whose joke are you calling Leetle?? 🙂

  2. Is that… is that RUPERT?! There, in the background??

    p.s., John N., as kittens go, that’s a dang cute one (&brilliant shots of ‘im, too!)

  3. Little jelly bean ears to Dorito ears in weeks. Too prosh!


  5. I think it is!! Hey Rupert!! 🙂

    Oh, and kitteh is freaking adorbs!!

  6. Terrifying, too.

  7. Josh, you are this little guy’s fairy godmother, for sure.

  8. Anyone who wants a wee widdle milk-moustache kitty of their own should contact their local rescue. It’s spring and there are many bottle babies who need fosters!

  9. AWW 😀 I hope that dear sweet little Beans finds his loving forever home real soon 😀 If you can, why don’t you adopt him, Josh? 😀

  10. What an absolutly adorable little kitten and I love the Sally Field hover text in the second pic.

  11. That honor is reserved for Toni’s Kitty Rescue and her team of fosters. Once of them found this guy with his family on Pier 70 and rescued all of them. I was just lucky enough to be at the shelter when they were being babysat 🙂

  12. He was adopted by two awesome people! And I already have two cats so I can’t have any more for now Teresa. 😦

  13. Pshaw…. two is nuthin! 😉

  14. TOni’s Beans ! (snerk)

  15. Oh, my God! He actually got cuter!!

  16. kittykat416 says:

    Lol @ “Of course he aged in the past few weeks, so his ears moved from the side of his head to the top of his head”

  17. My thoughts exactly. Best not take anymore photos of him as he gets older; it’ll be the end of all us.

  18. He looks so proud and pleased with himself

  19. I understand, Josh 🙂 Sometimes we can only afford to have two kitties with us 🙂 ceejoe has a lot more than two 😯 What is the number now, 7, ceejoe?!

  20. Clairedelune says:

    The same here, T.U.M. A painfully adorable teenee tinee tabbee that makes it tough to resist the compulson to run to the pet place nearby and scoop up all the teenee tinee tabbees…