Like “The Bodyguard” But With Livestock!

Cuteporter Dan H. sent this story to us, and even supplied the headline.

Would you wanna mess with those alpacas?



  1. Aww, fuzzy lollipop heads are protecting their “wooly cuzins”.

    PS. Check out the stare the alpaca gives the reporter holding the lamb at about 1:08 — I can only imagine what’s going through its head.

  2. My thoughts exactly! Mr ReporterMan, you had better be putting that lambikins down, that ‘cloud’ behind you is about to storm…

  3. I wanna see the outtakes from that shoot. They did cut just as the alpaca starts to move towards the reporter…

  4. Oh my goodness, what an amazing world we live in… in an awesome wonderful head-exploding way…

  5. It’s totally a Death Stare! That alpaca means bidness! 🙂

  6. I was watching that too. I would love to see the next 10 sec after the cutaway. That Alpaca had the look of “Alright mate, put the little fella down. NOW.

  7. Sharon Wilson says:

    My parents had some wise men and camels made from carved foam and chenille stems, and darned if those alpaca knees don’t look just like the camels’!

  8. We need a “matchingks” tag!

  9. That’s because alpacas are closely related to camels: camels, llamas, alpacas, vicunas, and guanacos are all camelids together.

  10. Still doesn’t explain the chenille stems . . . .

  11. I was waiting the whole 1:22 for an alpaca to charge a human.

  12. Wool farm, right? Not lamb factory?

    Cuz that would be alpaca cruelty. And you know I wouldn’t like it so much. Just sayin’.

  13. loribelle says:

    I want security alpacas! Much more fun than a bunch of electronic stuff!

  14. Yes to all the above… The alpaca thought the reporter looked suspicious, clearly…

  15. Somehow, now my mind is on alpaca superheroes — anyone want to write that comic strip? Alpaca protect, alpaca to the rescue!

  16. poniesss says:

    Silence of the Alpaca.

    Now starring Hannibal Alpacalecter, who stares creepily in every frame.

  17. And louder, too. Friends raise sheep and they have two alpacas. We were visiting them when we suddenly heard an ungodly noise. Turns out it was the alpacas warning that a neighbor’s dog had come into the yard.YIKES! One of them loves my husband and trots across the pasture when he sees him, then breathes on him and nuzzles his neck. I usually have our corgi on a lead (to prevent her from doing a little freestyle herding), so they don’t like me too much.

  18. Impending Doom tag. I’m guessing that in the next two seconds somebody got their a$$ kicked.

  19. I bet the local foxes are really confused.

  20. Ermagerd! Yes! Don’t have the skills myself, sadly!

  21. I think this is a great idea. I’ve heard you can use donkeys for the same purpose but Alpacas do have that whole wooly sweater-thing goin’ on.