Last Me-nut Squirrel Week!

Looong-time Cuteologist, Nikki, alerted us in the comments, this week is “Squirrel Week” over at the Washington Post! Hey, why should they have all the fun? CO has acornucopia of treemendous squirrelographs! Let’s get cracking!





In a nutshell: Top photo by Jerry Salvatico. SFGate Day in Pictures. Backyard buddy pics by mystery submitter known only as =BG=! I also found this cute squirrel FAQ site. Fact: Their Help Desk squirrel is lookin’ at CO.



  1. YAY!! Here is a fun video from the Post that shows a Squirrel Obstacle Course that a guy built in his back yard. There are a bunch of silly stories this week on the site.

  2. ashagato says:


  3. And while we’re plugging squirrel things, I’d like to take this opportunity to mention The good people at the University of Illinois are collecting people’s observations about the squirrels in their neighbourhood.

  4. And your word for this animal. Squirrel. It’s priceless. Just … squeeeeeee …

  5. I’m happy to see the common skwerl finally getting the respect it deserves. How sad our parks and back yards would be without them.

  6. I suppose the WP meant well, but I could of skipped the WP shots of people shouting gleefully as they basically tried to kill squirrels by violently catapulting them (yes, squirrels get hurt and killed all the time by falls and missteps).
    But If it’s cute baby squirrels you want to watch:
    A better (for me, anyway) stream of the current live camera is here:
    Note they change their cameras occasionally, and you might need to browse to find an active stream. Also note it’s CA time.

  7. Yes, the catapulting squirrelios bothered me a lot too. 😦

  8. Ugh, the photo of humans feeding the squirrel is NOT CUTE. Please don’t feed wildlife!!

  9. Me too. But the obstacle course was really neat. And the rest of the coverage has been great.

  10. Not to mention, I saw a woman get squirrel-bit attempting that one at the local park. So many people feed them there that the squirrels actually pursue people. It’s a little frightening to be stalked by gangs of roving squirrels!

  11. Squirrel in first photo: “But I don’t wanna go da school!”

  12. He does look a little dramatic, huh? 🙂

  13. Coffee Cup says:

    I don’t advocate feeding squirrels, but it’s still an adorable photo. Squirrels in DC are really tame and are always out looking for food. You get used to losing a sandwich crust if you don’t keep an eye on it.

  14. Go, Pyrit! “Acornucopia.”

  15. vasaroti says:

    The squirrels in D.C. are quite varied, all the way from white to a dark auburn. During the Reagan presidency, one of the Whit House Christmas cards featured a squirrel in the snow.

  16. Is it me, or are those photos all of the same squirrel?