There’s Birds, Then There’s Pichí

There’s cream puffs, then there’s Pichí.


There’s Rolls Royce, then there’s Pichí.
Pichí says, “Ahem. If you’ll permit me, there’s Rolls Royce cream puffs, then there’s Pichí.”
. . . . Silly Pichí, there’s no such thing as a Rolls Royce cream puff.
Pichí says, “There is now.”
  8412591030_1a23eb00bd_bFrom Ana F., “Hello, my name is Ana and I have a lovebird, it´s name es Pichí. He always live free with me in a small loft in Canary Island. My English is no good, but I´d like to show you some photos for your page. I hope that you like. Thanks you very much.”


  1. Theresa says:



  3. Thanks yous also!

  4. Thanks Theresa!

  5. sabrina rose says:

    Pretty bird! Pretty bird! Pichi is quite precious and lovely. Is he friends with any canaries??

  6. Thanks! Pichi lives free in our house, but is not friend of other birds :/

  7. 260Oakley says:

    I love that this is a picture of a bird from the Canary Islands. It’s almost as good as someone sending in a picture of a fish from Fin-land.

    P.S. Ana, Pichi is beautiful and your English is fine!

  8. Or a cat from Catalina…

  9. 4leafclover says:

    Or a rabbit from Easter Island!

  10. <3 Pichí this summer will come with me to the beach ;)

  11. Pichí is my best friend and its live free in our home! Thanks from Canary ISland to every body. Pichí say Thanks too! :>

  12. Your English is excellent, and the bird is beautiful!

  13. <3 Thanks!

  14. JenDeyan says:

    Ana, your english is fine. You can get your point across. That’s most important. Thanks for sharing pictures of you lovely bird.

    I love the last picture where Pichi is ruffling his feathers. ^_^

  15. JenDeyan says:

    Oopsie. Left out an ‘r’ up there. My english isn’t perfect either. ^_^

  16. jajajajja!! yesss

  17. he does that when sleeps

  18. Cynthia M says:

    What a handsome guy!

  19. :) Thanks!

  20. Zygodactyl feets! New tag! …No. …ok

  21. Yes!

  22. jejeje… yes!

  23. tiarosa says:

    That is one prosh lovebird! Handsome colors, too.

  24. :> Thanks!

  25. Pichí, in the Spanish dub of the anime series, was Heidi’s bird name :)

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    He’s a very pretty bird!!

  27. Lucy E. says:

    Awwww, I loff birds. So cute, so smart, so pretties.

    Triviabit: The Canary Islands are named after DOGS(!) not birds.

  28. It´s true Lucy! the name is for the canarian dogs. Bardinos!

  29. Lucy E. says:

    Also, the second picture?

    I’m pretty sure that’s what’s known as a “birdoo?”

  30. 4leafclover says:


  31. Great now i have to fly aaaall the way to the canary islands to bird-nap pichi so i can have him to myself. i must bop him repeatedly.

  32. um, fanciD,
    there is some possibility that somebody by the name of Ana F. … might have something to say about your travel plans and your planned activities??

    *shifty eyes*

  33. Fanci, came to Canary Island and sleep with Pichí ;)

  34. He’s gorgeous and looks like a great companion.

  35. he´s the best companion! ;)

  36. Mikeyfur says:

    Ana, your English is very good. I proclaim Pichi as the international language!

  37. Pio! :>

  38. Cutie!!!
    Y hey Ana, vivo en Canarias también (Lanzarote)! Hola guapa! ;)

  39. Barbarella! came to Gran Canaria! Hola guapa! Gracias, Pichí y yo estamos muy contentos de ver tantos comentarios bonitos.

  40. Vaya blog bonito tienes!

  41. bluebird says:

    I have to say it since no one else has: Peachy Pichi! Now I’ll do the groaning too. He’s a beauty.

  42. Well I was gonna say it but you beat me to it, si I’ll join you in the groaning ;-)

  43. warrior rabbit says:

    I was gonna say he’s Pichií keen…

  44. Ana, your English is excellent! And you’re lucky to have such a gorgeous birdie. Pichi is beautiful and I bet he’s a great friend and companion.

  45. Madame X says:

    Pichi is one handsome birdie, with his white “shirt” and blue jeans body!

    PS Hola Ana! Tu inglés es muy bueno, y Pichí es precioso!

  46. Muchas gracias Madame X, mañana pichí comerá fruta rica!

  47. I love his colors–especially the ombre touch.

  48. 4leafclover says:

    Yes, Pichí is one ombre hombre.

  49. Pichi is gorgeous. I think I’ve been hypnotized by his coloring.

  50. Pichí is very happy with all comments. Heartfell thaks to all!

  51. bernadine rousseau says:

    thank you for sharing the photo of your beautiful pet

  52. everybody knows him like Pichí 2.0 :)

  53. Your sweet bird is beautiful. I’m so used to only seeing green and peach lovebirds, i’ve never seen a blue and black. My favorite colors. Anyway, handsome fellow!

  54. Hermoso el pichi!!!!!!!!

  55. Sweet and lucky little birdie. And, by the way, your English is just fine! Thank you for sharing.

  56. wordphreak says:

    There ARE cream puffs —


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