OK, That’s It!

So, remind me.

Why do we dress up squirrels?

Why do we pose them in funny settings?

Why do we put them in charge of bar-b-queing the snausages?

Because squirrels are cute and some people have no cute mercy?


. . . . .


Why? WHYYY?!

Photographer Nancy Rose is out to kill us all! Via Buzzfeed.



  1. “Cause we’re nuts! (And squirrels like nuts.)

  2. Becaise squirrels are cute and we’re (slightly) sadistic.

  3. Daddy, I want a squirrel
    (that’s a Charlie and the chocolate factory quote btw, in case anyone thinks I’m crazy (for the wrong reason))

  4. Some people have way too much time on their hands – and thank goodness they do. 🙂

    The skwrlio doing laundry just keels me!

    Also, I can’t believe Mrs. McBushytail is out walking her bebbeh in a snowstorm. In the name of all that is holy, what was she thinking?!

  5. I love the BBQ squirrel with the tiny bottle of Heinz ketchup!

  6. Patricia Shapiro says:

    Just a question: are the squirrels in these photos alive or dead (and stuffed)?

  7. Why are squirrels so maligned? I think they are so much fun to watch. They are treetop daredevils. They’re the Errol Flynns of the animal kingdom!

  8. I made a folder in my favorites file that I labeled ‘ Happy Pills ‘ which I make sure to take a dose of everyday. Cuteoverload is first on the list.

  9. Amber Johnson says:

    Squirrels are awesome and always look so happy. They cheer me up at work, they come up to my window ledge and beg for peanuts on the hind legs with widdle paws under chin. I have 5 spoiled rotten squirrels at work and they don’t like the weekend cuz I ain’t here to feed them. I spend so much on them, peanuts, hazelnuts, any kind of nuts. I even have one tattooed on my arm.

  10. Ooh, squirrelly wallpapers! I like the campfire one especially. The teensy little axe…!

    (Those American red squirrels are SERIOUSLY cute. Best eyecapsules ever!)

  11. OMG, the mini barbecue and washing machine. Whoever made these sets must be the world’s most fascinating person (with the most free time)!

  12. It’s overcast and dreary outside, but these definitely brightened my day! Thank you!

  13. I love that little grill.

  14. Smartypants says:

    The ‘photographer’ sqwerl is my fave – the belleh! The tiptoes!

    In our town we have some black squirrels (I think the scientific term is ‘melanistic’ – it’s like the opposite of albino, they are gray squirrels with extra pigment) – very Qte!

  15. Patricia Shapiro says:

    Still would like to know if these are alive squirrels or if they are deceased and stuffed squirrels.

  16. It looks as if the photographer set up the scene and waited for the squeeerel to walk into it.

  17. I’m going to go with alive and stuffed.

  18. Oh Sharpy, you are always so right. I checked, and it’s on the ever-reliable Daily Mail

  19. *giggles at Sharpy*

  20. *Sharpy giggles at Sharpy*

  21. I have a folder called “Happiness” and the icon for it is a little tree. 🙂
    Most of its contents are CO posts.

  22. Patricia Shapiro says:

    I am relieved to hear no squirrels were hurt (or worse!) in the production of these cute scenes!