And Then There’s Walter

According to his hoomin Rob D, Walter is all growed up now. Check hovers for banal pithy commentary.










  1. O. Muh. Guh. Loff heem!

  2. I just want to take him home and snorgle him to death! My favorite being the play bow 🙂

  3. Always good to have extra battery re-chargers around. Will this work on my I-Pod?? or is that I-Pawed?

  4. woofy's ma says:

    Oh, Walter, you are such a fine looking boy. I would luff to huff you. I call it puppy huffing – as in, I put my nose right in that warm, soft fur and inhale. It’s better than meditation – totally relaxing. My dogs are used to my constant sniffing!

  5. He is a consummate Baroosta, Delivering his charms in one stubularly cute package.
    Better than a machiato and waking you up.

  6. My fave is the one right after the play bow. That face is redonkulous!!!

  7. OK in the first photo he’s just begging for a kiss on the nose. “mmmmaaawww”

  8. The baby toes in the second to last pic!! The toes!!

  9. mindadale says:

    Oh, the then-and-now pictures are just the best. *SIGH*

  10. NO NO NO ! I will NOT flip the first picture of that EPIC baroo over !

  11. My Uncle has one of those named Walter. I got excited for a minute, but this is a different Walter!

  12. I love tiny puppies in large beds!

  13. I’m a big puppeh huffer myself. My dog Lily returns the favor by sticking her nose into my hair and snuffling for a good 2 minutes almost every day. It’s the best! 🙂