Snoring Quentin just can’t seem to stay awake upright.

Posted on Youtube by Arsenalian. See more of Big Q at his website.


  1. Once A Fish says:

    I always wondered where pugs got their smooshed-in noses. Now I know.

  2. Alice Shortcake says:

    Someone needs to take Quentin aside and explain this “sleeping whilst lying down” thing to him.

  3. yes. He obvy didn’t Get The Memo :( poor guy

  4. My pug would be sitting next to you begging (you know, because I starved him so much he weighed over 30 pounds)… and his eyes would start to close and his head would droop… then he’d remember what he was there for and pop awake for the food… Sometimes they’re like little kids, so tired, but yet they have to force themselves to stay awake!

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    The Cat must be occupying his fluffy bed for the duration of the sunshine rays.
    Or did he have a little accident and the bed needs laundering.
    Always wondered if the breeds with stout round bodies and short noses if they have trouble breathing lying down or if it is easier sitting up.

  6. doomchild says:

    That’s me during a lecture in dark winter mornings :/

  7. Please – that was me this morning. Bright, sunny, spring morning. Boooooring meeting.

  8. I was thinking the same as SlaveToCat, maybe he can’t breathe unless he’s upright. Poor baby. I’ll hold you in my arms like a baby, Quentin. I’ll even swaddle you.

  9. But does he have a theme song?

  10. awesome Powers of Connecting the Dots, T.U.M. :)

    *applause from the Bleachers*

  11. “I’m not tired! No, really, I’m not.” Quentin is in denial… Cute video of an adorable puppeh!

  12. Jennlovestango says:

    Downward facing dog?

  13. Please someone put a pillow in front of him.

  14. *Rushes in from backstage with two pillows; one in front and the other behind*


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