Every Monday Morning

should begin with cute and cuddly.



Erin says Chloe is a great wake up call-doggie alarm.
Risë J.’s Sweet Dreaming Hank, is a beagle who could use a wake up call, Jordan C. and Pam M.
Lola Bean is part corgi, part terrier and part hoomin and part asleep, Stephanie N.



  1. Doggone it—WHY wasn’t there a cute little spotty-tummy beagle puppeh beside ME when I woke up this morning?! Harummphhhh . . .

    *pets puppeh in picture*

  2. Hank needs a belly rub, doesn’t he?
    (and Lola needs an ear-nom)

  3. Crawls into bed with Lola Bean until monday is over.

  4. All these babies need is to crawl back into a warm bed with me. Ahhh..

  5. I want to play with Hank’s soft, sleepy beagle ears.

  6. Madame X says:

    I’d love to wake up next to a hunk o’Hank…

  7. Okay I feel better.

  8. Rachael says:

    I think my blood pressure just went down about 40 points from lookin’ at these critters. I’m going to need to keep them with me all the time, purely for health reasons. I’m sure their hoomans will understand.

  9. It just makes me want to go back to bed. Mmmmm, bed.

  10. Floppy ears!