There — Now Go Clean My Litter Box

A growing concern in this era of busy dual-income families is the problem of “latchkey pets,” who often have to take care of each other, even for walkies.



  1. Fird Birfle says:

    *considers whether this is even a surprise to a cat person*

  2. OK so who said cats aren’t capable of learning? 😀

  3. Oh, they’re capable. They usually just choose not to.

  4. Saffron says:

    Israeli cats are super smart.

  5. “Look, I know. This is as embarrassing for me as it is for you. Just work with me. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner I can get back to my nap, and you can get back to … whatever it is you do.”

  6. People, don’t you get it? First the cats take the dog for walks, next thing you know, they have humans catering to their every whim, feeding them, providing sunny window sills on which naps are taken, playing with them whenever they want, ummmm, wait…

    OMG, we’re doomed!

  7. edmundh says:

    Not only dogs, but cats also walk humans too!

  8. oh how cute! kitteh is totally in charge!

  9. ha ha not really no!

  10. fleurdamour says:

    It’s the RCA Radio dog! He’s listening to his master’s voice all right, that plaintive little ‘hurry up’ mew.

  11. “Git along, little doggie!”

  12. My favourite thing about this website……all the nice comments, no haters, no f words! You all make me smile!

  13. I luff all these critters. Thanks for sharing this one, edmundh!

  14. Once again cats rules and dogs drools 😆

  15. LOVE EET! 😆

  16. Yeah, we’re pussy whipped all right. I intentionally rented/bought condos that were low enough for kitties to overlook the ground/street and had views more for the cats than me.

  17. During this time of high unemployment, good to see cats finding an alternate career in dog obedience training.

  18. Fird, there you are! Where ya been? Y’ok?

  19. this is the very definition of your words

  20. Kitty looks like he’s holding Wishbone ransom!

  21. I agree 100 % !

  22. 😆 Oh, yeah 😆

  23. *** golf clap for Kodi ***

  24. Ditto – not at all. Proof of who rules…

  25. luvstehQte says:

    Wishbone! ❤ Where is your tam'o'shanter? No dapper tweed vest for this grand adventure??

  26. HI Vanessa B 🙂 Good to “see you” too !! Yes thanks, things be okay (EXCEPT WHEN CO POSTS PICS OF BEBBEH GOATS IN LIBRARIES but doesn’t send me a PERSONAL notification of that decision…:) )

    No medical mess, this time thank youknowWho.

    Just a month or two with somewhat more obligations and less-recreational time to dillydally than at other times… It’s nice to be missed!!! How’s your Spring goin’ ???

    skippymom tells me that she has entire nations’ worth of fields of yellow daffodills blooming outside her library these days … I miss seeing those en masse as they are in Virginia and DC. Fla isn’t their climate for being in the ground …