Yo, Got Any Clif Bars?

Us Gentoo Penguins can get kinda hungry down here in Antarctica.

Via The Big R.


  1. Oooooh! A penguin! I love penguins! CO should post more pics of these guys…. Capybaras and owls aren’t the only shortages.🙂

  2. Just as a side note–my younger sister used to call these guys penwigs.😀 Maybe CO will consider a new glossary term. Penwigs!🙂

  3. Jimbeaux says:

    Little guy looks like he’s trying to figure out if he can hop safely onto her head!🙂

    (Hee. Penwigs!)

  4. Penwig! I love it.
    The woman looks as though she is thinking “Did anyone else just hear a Penwig (thanks Jane) fly over?

  5. Penguin sits on top of her chick.

  6. Rachael says:

    They shall hereafter be called “penwigs.”🙂

  7. Everything about this is cute!

  8. Maybe he’s asking for a tickle like this guy

  9. Personally, I think that penwig is considering nesting in that fur hat.


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