Trilly, Gotta Learn To Pick Your Battles

This probably isn’t a good one to pick.

“Trilly is trapped in the kitchen and she swears she didn’t eat the cat food. Napoleon, S’mores, and Peter beg to differ and there will be…consequences.” -Shelly B.



  1. Oh my, poor pupperson. At least his tail is blurred making me think he at least wagging a little wanting to be happy, but is yet a bit confussederled. My “lovely” pup is in this state quite a bit. Confused, but still hopeful happiness.

  2. Oh noes… Those cats aren’t even bothering to looking mean or tough (look at the relaxed ears!). They’re so confident, they know they’ve got a babe in the woods there. [Cue music of doom.]

  3. aww..I LOVE her!!!

  4. Rachael says:

    She still thinks she can charm her way out of this. What a silly goose! 🙂

  5. there’s no way to get this across unambiguously, but the only way to say the name of a cat named “s’mores” is with a broad molar lisp as though you had your retainer in


  6. Tony James says:

    S’mores’ head-tilt is suggestive of, “Oh please. Seriously? You nom the gusheefuds, that is to say *our* gusheefuds, and now you want to play all Mr Nicey-Taily-Waggy? It’s beneath you, really it is. Have some dignity, slobber-guts – you know we won’t do anything to you while the bald pink is around, but we’ll get you on your own sometime, and then…well, let’s just say that we’re expert at keeping you alive for *days*.”

  7. looks at cats… Looks at pupperson.. Nope puppeh did not eat the kitties food LOL!

  8. sabrina rose says:

    Uh oh, there’s gonna be a rumble, and Trilly isn’t going to come out of it well. 😦

  9. this is NOR going to end well.

  10. oooops ! “NOT” going to end well

  11. definite consequences 🙂

  12. “You may ask us any one question you choose, but you should know that one of us always tells the truth, one of us always lies, and one of us will claw your ears off regardless of what question you ask. And the other two of us will do that last part too.”

  13. Ladybird says:

    Love those kitteh names…

  14. I just thought you were trying to sound Scottish.

  15. I luffs me some kittehs but they sure can be cruel. Pupster has no chance. I mean no chance. Once again cats kittehs rule, pupsters drool.

  16. I know! Those are a trio of mighty kitteh haunches.

  17. Sounds very Polish.

  18. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Those are what my friend calls “Substantial Cats”

  19. Oh, oh…he’s in a big trouble!

  20. 😆

  21. Trilly looks just like our Plott Hound, Delta…

  22. 😯

  23. WOAH those are some BIG OLD kittehs… I’d be scared if I were in the puppeh’s position.

  24. Good one! 😀

  25. HA!

  26. katjapants says:

    Those cats are ENORMOUS.

  27. I’m scared of them in my position and I’m on the other side of the planet!

  28. wuyizidi says:

    That’s what I thought as well (0:47):

  29. “And that’s not because of a high protein, high fibre diet.”

  30. wuyizidi says:

    My cat looks almost identical to the one in the middle. She’s 13 lbs, her body may be longer than the average cat. When she sits down like that she looks big, but from any other angle she looks nothing out of ordinary.

  31. phred's mom says:

    Looks like he’s about to cross the Bridge of Deth.
    Hope he has the answers to the three questions…

  32. Absolutely what the puppy should not say is “Well, looking at you 3, I thought I was doing you a favor…”

  33. noellesbootcutkittenpants says:

    I can’t get past the cat named S’Mores. (love)

  34. That dog is going to get it because CATS RULE and dogs drool 😆

  35. Looks like Impending Doom to me.