Have a Good Wheeeeeeeee-kend!

Go, go Golden! Dash away dachsund! Pug passing through! Leapin’ labradoodle!
Aaaand the rest of the gang, including a roly-poly corgi, a Frenchie, a boxer and a PEEG with sparkly rabbit ears, say, “Naaaah we’re good.”

Fave Frame:

Featuring our possum pal, Ratatouille, from Liberty Mountain Resort!


  1. I’m not much for the cold and the snow… but I’d go there for the sheer redonkulousness!

  2. That noble-looking doxie (loff) needs a Sherlock Holmes hat.

  3. Rachael says:

    A possum. On a snowboard. :)

    That peeg is so not dressed for the slopes! A frilly pink summer frock? What on earth was her mom thinking? :)

  4. I was actually worried about that poor parrot out there in just his feathers!

  5. LOL Every second brought more smiles to my face and more awws and more ohhh mys and then there was an opossum and then there was a parrot type bird. And i was done. Keeled over in the snow. Cutified.

  6. Michael says:

    Yes, I think the opossum is the most notable single feature — that’s a wild animal, are they even kept as pets?? — and the parakeet (or whatever) is a close second. An amazing collection of critters. It was like Noah’s Ark if God had sent snow.

  7. Michael says:

    My bad, I just noticed the opossum is already famous here on the Qte. So I guess he is no longer a surprise.

  8. That sweet boid is a green-cheeked Conure (a kind of parakeet, sort of)

  9. OMG lookit teh leetle conure birdie!

  10. Love the cute critters – the song, not so much since I found out what it means :-(


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