Have a Good Wheeeeeeeee-kend!

Go, go Golden! Dash away dachsund! Pug passing through! Leapin’ labradoodle!
Aaaand the rest of the gang, including a roly-poly corgi, a Frenchie, a boxer and a PEEG with sparkly rabbit ears, say, “Naaaah we’re good.”

Fave Frame:

Featuring our possum pal, Ratatouille, from Liberty Mountain Resort!



  1. I’m not much for the cold and the snow… but I’d go there for the sheer redonkulousness!

  2. That noble-looking doxie (loff) needs a Sherlock Holmes hat.

  3. Rachael says:

    A possum. On a snowboard. 🙂

    That peeg is so not dressed for the slopes! A frilly pink summer frock? What on earth was her mom thinking? 🙂

  4. LOL Every second brought more smiles to my face and more awws and more ohhh mys and then there was an opossum and then there was a parrot type bird. And i was done. Keeled over in the snow. Cutified.

  5. Michael says:

    Yes, I think the opossum is the most notable single feature — that’s a wild animal, are they even kept as pets?? — and the parakeet (or whatever) is a close second. An amazing collection of critters. It was like Noah’s Ark if God had sent snow.

  6. Michael says:

    My bad, I just noticed the opossum is already famous here on the Qte. So I guess he is no longer a surprise.

  7. That sweet boid is a green-cheeked Conure (a kind of parakeet, sort of)

  8. OMG lookit teh leetle conure birdie!

  9. Love the cute critters – the song, not so much since I found out what it means 😦

  10. I was actually worried about that poor parrot out there in just his feathers!