Blossom Down Under

This story is about little Blossom, an Australian bat who was in dire need.

If the images alone aren’t enough to send you over the edge, we direct your attention to this video clip. When you see the LEETLE PINK TONGUE FLICKING AND LICKING you will know what we mean.

Check hovers for the deets.





Images and video submitted by Adam C.



  1. Tinkertoki says:

    Um….. Cute bat but the video is of a dog driving…

  2. Tinkertoki says:

    Nevermind. It seems to have been fixed. Haha!

  3. OMIGOD. I can’t stop watching this. What a cutie! Such a long tongue to keep clean with! What a sweet creature – it’s kinda hard to believe it’s wild. Love the comments that pop up over the pics, too. Great feature. 🙂

  4. Kari Callin says:

    Absolutely no words. I adore bats and this has to be the cutest squeeeeker of them all! 😀

  5. The swiveling ears. TEH SWIVELING EARS!! [thunk clatter thud] [dropping dead from the cuteness]

  6. Ladybird says:

    Poor Louise! It must have been hard to let little Blossom go, and I bet she misses you too. Good on you for helping her get better.

  7. Oh mah gah. What a little beady-eyed sweetheart. 😯

  8. 1annecasey says:

    Blossom is soooo cuuuute!

  9. Giving a BAT a BELLY RUB and EAR SCRITCHES???????????

    Could it get any better?

  10. 4leafclover says:

    Eeee!!! Blossom lives in an inside-out corduroy pocket!!

  11. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I’ve been in lurve with bats-the flying foxes/fruit bats for some time, even more so now. There’s a group on FB called Campbell Newman’s Bat Shame-it’s all about rehabbing these fruit bats & the bigger ones too. They take SUCH good care of babies & adults & wrap them up in little bat burritos. I can’t recommend it enough.

  12. Those are some impressive ear movements! And that is a definite smile in the photo where she is clinging to the thumb. Louise, the world is a better place for people like you. 🙂

  13. Rachael says:

    I can’t believe somebody’s actually chopping onions in here so early in the morning! *sniff*

    The 3rd photo below the vid… little handses wrapped around her adopted mama’s thumb, the shiny beady eyes, not to mention the contented little smile. *thud*

    Louise is my new hero. Anyone who cares so much about the smallest and most helpless among us is an earth angel.

  14. No, Blossom, don’t go! *sobbing* Come back, Blossom!

  15. I’ve loved bats ever since I was 9 years old and one of them scared the priest right out of the church during a particularly boring sermon 😆

  16. What she said. I’ve said this before, but wildlife rescuers are my heroes! I used to foster cats, and that was hard adopting them out to new homes, but at least you knew they were going into good hands. Bless those who send their babies out into the wild world.

  17. I want to live in a cordroy pocket, too, and be taken care of by a nice Australian lady!

  18. wuyizidi says:

    Daww, bats, they’re like nature’s furry little chandeliers.

  19. MinglesMommy says:

    OMG sooooooo sweet!!!!

  20. MinglesMommy says:

    ROTFL awesome story!

  21. twocityshibas says:

    Here, I’ll share my box of tissues with you…*sniff*

    Who knew bats smiled so big. 🙂

  22. twocityshibas says:

    And a tissue for you too, pookie.

  23. Miss Kitty says:

    Just want to say, the Cute Overload commenters are THE BEST. I love bats, and usually when someone posts bat photos on a website, there are nuffers who post crapola about “OMG rabies!” or “OMG creepy!” but not y’all.

    Double-plus yay for the bitty-bat luvvin’ CO crowd!!!

  24. Cleosmom says:

    ok, never been a big fan of bats, always found them a little scary but this one is just anerable, in it’s little bitty bat sock/pocket thingy. And in curduroy, no less!

  25. The ears!!!! The world’s cutest, tiniest, independently operating satellite dishes!!

  26. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    What they said!! Twice.

  27. Straydog733 says:

    It’;s Stellaluna!!!!

    I loved that book as a kid, and have adored flying foxes from day one because of it. They have the cutest batty faces and they eat fruit! So adorable!

  28. Oh for heaven’s sake, he lives in a little hood and enjoys belly rubs!!

  29. DewiCasGwent says:

    Has no one noticed the cute pink bat button on the pocket?

  30. Awwww….*sniff* *sniff* ….onions galore….*sniff* *watery eyes* onions everywhere….Louise has to let her go…*SOB*

  31. I went back and looked and sure enough! 🙂

    Louise just exudes kindness and warmth. I wish the world contained more people just like her.

  32. I think they’re trying to send something in Morse code.

  33. I’m more concerned that Blossom might be listening in on my thoughts…

  34. fleurdamour says:

    It was from the Batican!

  35. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Yes, yes, yes, yes!

  36. MinglesMommy says:


  37. Mamabear says:

    I share those sentiments but then I see the wings and I shudder a little, then the ears twitch and I’m a pile of goo, then, again with the leather arms a’ crawling and I’m back to shudder, then the sweet beady eyes and it’s: “awwwww”, there’s its sinewy elbows…*shudder*, awww but look how soft and cozy it is…

    It’s the wings that give me pause and I just don’t know why. I gotta get past that because OMG what an adorable creature!

  38. Yes, of course, you guys are the high priests of cuteness, and everything we find upon your site is divine. But THIS! This is THE cutest thing I have seen in many months. And that includes kittens, which NO ONE adores more than I do. I am gobsmacked. Adore, adore, adore …

  39. Lord knows I have tried to love me the bats for many a year. And CO, the brown corduroy pocketsies nearly had me. But then it opened its webby wing/hand things and egads it freaked me out! Ugh.

  40. kibblenibble says:

    I loff the ears, too, Bonz.

  41. kibblenibble says:

    Can I have a tissue, also? I seem to have someone chopping onions here, too.

  42. lisaLASSIE says:

    This really may be one of the cutest ever. Everything about it: the looooong tongue, the tininess, the big eyes, the hanging upside down, the eating, the scritches and combing……THUD.

  43. 6rabbits says:

    I know!! I wish I lived near a bat rescue so I could volunteer!


  45. Sweet, wee chiroptera!!!

  46. Bats like Bach. And Schubert. *mysteriously* I KNOW.

  47. I love both this sweet little bat, and the fact that Louise’s title/(job?!)/vocation is “bat carer.” It’s not a line I would go into myself, but I’m glad people do, and just tickled that we call them that.

  48. fleurdamour says:

    And Bathoven. (nods knowingly)

  49. X-actly what I was gonna say, Bonz! *dedz*

  50. I always say my favorite animals are bats and cats 😀

  51. I am so glad to hear about bat and cat rescues 😀

  52. Thank you for making my day better. You are such a good person!

  53. NightNixie says:

    furry chandeliers! LOL

  54. BatBlaster says:

    Could you tell her to stop being so adorable. I know, for any type of fruit bat that is a rather difficult task. Reminds me of an animation I made pointing out how bats wings have the same bone structure as hands.