Careful, Hamilton Wesley!

He’s got his hands paws full with The Deadly Tennis Ball Of Doom!

Posted on The Tube by DJHeadwound.



  1. SoCratesX53 says:

    Bebeh frenchie…sproing…sproing…sproing…my brain just sproinged right out of my hed!!

  2. kibblenibble says:

    SO furoshus!

  3. Pounce…pounce … Get distracted… Pounce pounce…ruff….pounce…pounce…get distracted…. Proshness times eleventy bajillion.

  4. Lucy E. says:

    The sproinging! The ‘tocks! The mini-tailio! The earsies!!

    The name!


  5. rescue gal says:

    I don’t understand- how do they keep from nibbling on that tushy all day??!

  6. The little bow-legged backside! So prosh my head aches.

  7. Is his name really Hamilton Wesley? His name is longer than he is.

  8. OMG! so cute I so want a kiss!!!!

  9. Cheryl Kuhnert says:

    Weaponized cute!

  10. How does WHO keep from nibbling it? And who says they do?

  11. Lady Rune says:

    Hop hop hop~! Love it!

  12. He looks like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch!

  13. Tlynnclemmons says:

    ^what she said – times 12.

  14. orcgirl says:

    He so totally does!!!! I was just thinking if he were blue, he would be Stitch!

  15. If they stayed that small and teetered around all the time, I would have 20 of them!

  16. The tocks! The tocks! The squeeelular tocks!

  17. joools in PDX says:

    where did they get the teensy tennis ball? either that or the thrower has GINORMOUS hands. oh yeah, the pup is pretty prosh as well.

  18. Cleosmom says:

    wonderful, and you can practically see his natural instincts starting to kick in ….

  19. For once I’m glad I couldn’t watch the video at work because I would of been useless for the rest of the day!

  20. Hand over the puppeh now and no-one gets hurt.
    *slowly backs out of room with adorable puppeh*

  21. 6rabbits says:

    Yes, Yes–exACTly my thoughts…the proshness is deadly!

  22. discodevils says:

    That’s our Hammie! His full name is Hamilton Wesley Wigglebottom and he’s the joy of our lives! He’s 2.5yrs old now and still kills us every day with his cuteness and charm!

  23. They actually sell extra-tiny tennis balls. We use them for our pomeranian and mini-poodle mix. They’re the perfect size…for small mouths and getting stuck under furniture. It actually became an even better toy once they realized they could nose it under the couch and get you to come “rescue” the ball!