Wow, Soccer Is Really Dangerous

(…and Peter Cottontail gets the ball… He’s powering to the goal, nobody can get near him… He’s at the thirty, the twenty, the… WHAT’S THIS?! There’s a sniper in the stadium! People are diving for cover! Oh, the bunnanity!)


  1. Poor thing was absolutely petrified!!! I has a sad now :'(

  2. Aww, that just about scared the poop out of him. I has a sad too. *sniffle*

  3. rescue gal says:

    Scaring the stuffing out of your pet is cute now? No. Very sad. :(

  4. Poor sweet bunnster. Hope he got over it with cuddles and bananas.

  5. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I’m going to assume that was the first time they tried that, and will never do it again, since it obviously was not a good idea…

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok, I love buns and kittehs and everyone else but I admit, I LOL’d at this. I’m sure the hoomins didn’t expect that to happen and probably won’t do it again but really, the bun isn’t permanently hurt. He’s certainly a lot safer than out in the wild with owls swooping down on him and stuff like that.

  7. I’m gonna agree with ceejoe. I’m hoping that was a one time thing.

  8. Mamabear says:

    We let our children, the very fruit of our loins, play with terrifying…balloons. I see now that, apparently, people who don’t know you and have never met you will think that you are a horrible sadist for doing so. I’m afraid to admit here in a public forum that my children have had them to pop and make them cry, first from the scare, and then from the loss of the balloon. I’m afraid that people will call DHS and have my children taken away even though they are robust, healthy, clean, well-fed, and especially loved.

    All because of a balloon.

    I’m pretty sure that I have caught one of the occasions (OMG she’s let them have a balloon more than once?!) on home video, too, so you’ll have the evidence of my child abuse.

  9. Did the poor little guy survive the fright? Rabbits can literally be frightened to death! Broke my heart to see its panic…

  10. Please take this down. It’s not cute

  11. Poor baby! I hate to see a bunny this scared. It is really bad for rabbits to be that frightened, it can give them a heart attack. As a prey animal, loud noises and sudden movement are bad news. I hope he was ok.

  12. Poor bun, what a traumatic experience to go from happily playing with a balloon, and then be scared out of your wits. I watched the video and wished I could be there to scoop the bunny up and offer some kisses and cuddling.

  13. katrinab73 says:

    well said :)

  14. Shannon says:

    There is really nothing at all cute about this.

  15. I laughed and the said poor baby right after. And yes I hope they don’t do that to him again. But folks the bunny is not hurt, bunnies can handle being scared that’s the way Mother Nature made them. Get scared, run, survive.

    And I certainly will never tell CO what they can and can not put on their web site!

  16. But bunny couln’t run – the floor was too slippery, he couldn’t get traction. Bunnies can break their backs that way.

    Not cute.

  17. As others have pointed out, rabbits can and do die of fright. This one, as far as anyone knows, didn’t, but it’s a crap shoot. Personally, I don’t find terrifying animals (or people, for that matter) funny and I hate to see it designated as “cute” for fear that some fool will do it again with a far-from-funny outcome. YMM, of course, V.

  18. He should team up with this tinee tabbee:

  19. This is why I’m always mildly uncomfortable in the presence of balloons. The prospect of them popping and frightening me just makes me wish they weren’t there if there are some in a room.

  20. I know, me too.

  21. Ummm… April Fool’s?

    Heh? Heh? LOL?

    *cough, cough*

    Is this thing on?

  22. Awww, this is nothin! You should see them in their natural habitat.

    (I know, I felt bad for the little guy, too) :( You should come over to my place, though. They scramble like crazy all the time.

  23. If prey animals just flipped over and died when they’re chased, they wouldn’t be able to breed fast enough to keep the population up. Loud noises and sudden movement are warnings to HOP THE HELL AWAY!

  24. I had a mini Schnauzer growing up who was afraid of balloons…I don’t recall any specific cause (I was very young when we got her) but I assume there was a popping incident because she would run from them if the got too close.

    My girlcat is absolutely terrified of balloons and the only experience she’s had with them was a mylar balloon floating above the chair it was tied to in the kitchen. I have no idea why she’s so afraid of them, aside from the fact that she’s a scaredy-cat in general. But not only will she not go near a balloon, she won’t even enter the room.

  25. Actually, Sharpy, bunnies do die from fright with some frequency. Popping balloons are a fairly well known cause. Just some good info.

  26. sabrina rose says:

    I have to agree, reluctantly. While 99% of folks viewing CO must be over the top in adoring animals, there’s always the possibility of giving wrong ideas to a person who is not nice. I have four little rabbits myself, and it was so charming to see this bunny having fun running after his balloon, it was such happy innocent playtime, and then it went badly wrong. I was so shocked! I hope very much that the owners comforted their bunny immediately and that he has a short memory.

  27. Coffee Cup says:

    I admit I laughed a little but I hope the bunny was okay. It’s not his fault the balloon popped.

  28. Oh, I didn’t know that. I looked it up just now and I’m sorry I did. :( Poor buns.

  29. I know. It is sad. They are very delicate, fragile creatures. It is amazing that they can rustle up all that disapproval!

  30. As numerous others have pointed out, it is pretty common for them to die from fright. Although many rabbits do manage to outrun a predator and survive, others don’t. I suppose it’s much kinder for a wild rabbit not to be alive when it is being attacked and eaten by a predator. However, this is obviously a domesticated rabbit, and someone’s pet. The title of the video seems rather callous and I was concerned about the rabbit. My own rabbit is a rescue, and the advice I was given by the rescue organization, all the vets she’s seen over time, as well as every rabbit-care book I’ve seen, was to avoid this type of situation (loud noise, sudden movement, scaring the rabbit). It isn’t only the risk of heart attack either, a rabbit’s spine is fairly delicate and an extremely frightened one can break its back. Also, stress can cause GI stasis which can kill the rabbit within a few days. It seems pretty sad to be laughing over something that could have hurt or killed this little guy, and as others have mentioned, I wouldn’t want to have this inspire other people who don’t know better to try something similar with another rabbit. It’s very difficult to tell tone in written messages, so I’d just want to say that I’m not mad. I think it’s important for people to know about this. Everybody here loves animals and I thinks it’s better to have more information to enable us to take good care of our furry little critters.

  31. I have 2 house rabbits and would never ever do this to them! Not funny or cute. Sorry C.O.

  32. right on, Mamabear!

  33. fleurdamour says:

    He must have thought it was the A-pop-calypse.

  34. I don’t like balloons (not terrified, or anything, just don’t like them, except at a distance). Also clowns and china dolls – all dolls, really, although I had some nice ones when I was a little girl. I’m sure the hoomins didn’t realise the balloon would pop and frighten the poor bun. We all make mistakes innocently with our anipals and children. I know I have.

  35. I’m with you, I thought running-in-place bunny was pretty funny! Had the video ended with the little guy being injured, I seriously doubt their owners would have even put it online. From all the comments, maybe it wasn’t the most responsible idea to let the little guy play with a balloon, but people make mistakes! And if their mistakes result in wee little buns looking frantically adorable (and unscathed), then I don’t see why we can’t enjoy the giggle :)

  36. Diandra says:

    And I bet you let them drink from the garden hose and take the training wheels off their bike too. Bless you. These helicopter parents scare me.

  37. Diandra says:

    I should really know better than to read the comments on posts like this. Bunnies are run over and attacked by dogs/cats in my neighborhood all the time. If a popping balloon is all this bunny has to face in it’s life, I’d call it a win.

  38. Diandra says:

    It’s no one’s fault, but apparently commenters don’t believe in such a world.

  39. When I was a kid I was at a friend’s house after a birthday party, and we were having fun popping the balloons as part of cleaning up. Then a shred of one landed in her little sister’s eye — like an opaque contact lens. There was no permanent damage, but it required a doctor’s trip to remove it. That shred could have just as easily ended up in somebody’s airway.

    Nevertheless, as a parent I still let my kid play with balloons. The chances of something happening are just too slim to rule out something so fun. Sure, I saw something happen once a million years ago, but I’ve never met another person with a similar story.

    I just felt the need to pipe up here and explain why balloons are considered hazardous for kids and pets — it’s not just because people don’t want their precious angels to be frightened or disappointed when they pop. (Honestly, I think it’s a good lesson.) There is an actual danger, even though it’s pretty slight.

  40. Cat Lover says:

    Yes, bunnies get attacked in the wild, but why scare a bunny if it’s not necessary. This was mean.

  41. Diandra says:

    You’re assuming the owner deliberately gave the bunny the balloon knowing full well this would happen. It’s far more likely the bunny found what he thought was a fun toy and the owner picked up the camera when he noticed and had no clue what would happen because he doesn’t have a crystal ball and can’t see the future. I guess I can never own bunnies since I have no way of anticipating when a sudden loud noise might occur in my house.

  42. Diandra says:

    Or the Big Bang?

  43. Mamabear says:

    I think what irks me is that so many are so quick to jump to the assumption (you know
    what they say about that?) that the owners are “mean”, that they did this on purpose,
    that they knew this would happen (perhaps it’s my poor hearing, but I heard no laughing about it in the video), and generally allude to the opinion that the owners
    are sadistic bunny abuser$.

    Here’s what I see: A clean, well-fed and hydrated bunny in very tidy surroundings, enjoying the freedom to bounce about the house and play with a toy. (Heck, are those bunny pillowcases, too?) Unfortunately, the balloon popped and scared him silly. The video ends with a still-safe bunny. For the owners to rush and pick up a frightened bunny while it’s in a frantic flight response like that would have been more
    detrimental than to let him shake it off and THEN console him. You don’t pick up a rabbit who is in the throws of freaking out; you are liable to assist it in breaking it’s
    own back. Unless it is trapped or in immediate danger, let it return to a calm state
    before approaching it.

    I know that bad things are done to animals and humans alike, but we have, literally, a
    16 second clip, and many are casting stones and assuming (there’s that word again)
    that the owners (who, feed, water, groom, allow playtime in the house…) are evildoers
    bent on cruelty. I’m glad that the bunny is fine and that those who love animals, but might not have known, have learned that a balloon is probably not a good toy for a bunny. If someone is going to be mean to animals, I hardly think that they will need a video to contrive ways to carry out their evil plans.

  44. Cat Lover says:

    Claws touch a balloon…you don’t need a crystal ball for that one.

  45. Just wait til the anti-breeding nuffers get here and point out how cruel it is to create animals prone to suffering like this!

  46. Diandra says:


  47. People seem to be getting kind of irritated. I’m not sure if my previous comments were misunderstood, but I feel like I should try to clarify.

    I come to CO for the cute (like everyone else, duh :-) ), and it was pretty upsetting to see the poor little guy so scared at the end. I don’t think the owner of the rabbit or whoever took the video knew what was going to happen. But I also don’t think that means people can’t be concerned about whether he was ok afterward. I had hoped the poster on you tube might have commented about his well-being, but I didn’t see anything.

    Kiddos and pets like cats and dogs can totally handle a popped balloon and all kinds of other stuff. A rabbit isn’t always able to. And there is a big difference between just any loud noise or movement around the house and something as loud and unexpected as a balloon popping immediately in a rabbit’s face. They have much better hearing than humans. They have different temperaments and their bodies work differently than other animals. Stress can cause their GI system to shut down, and there is no way to tell if that happened to this guy from the video. GI stasis (which has other causes, as well) is serious, it can kill your rabbit very quickly.

    I was one of the kids that drank out of the hose (and it wasn’t city water) and had no training wheels on my bike. I agree that kids shouldn’t be helicopter parented. A rabbit just isn’t a kid.

    Many of the people who come to CO probably don’t even read the comments, I know I didn’t for several months after I found the site. They might just see the video and think it was funny. Not everyone who gets a rabbit knows very much about taking care of them, and I would hate for anyone who didn’t know that this kind of scare could hurt a rabbit to try something similar. CO has so many viewers, it seems like it would be more prudent to take the link to the video down.

    I’m just concerned about rabbits, it had nothing to do with thinking the owner was sadistic or mean. Although unfortunately, those kind of people do exist. Some of the rabbits at the rescue organizations have had really heartbreaking things done to them.

    Ok, I got that off my chest and now I guess I’ll remove myself from the conversation. I hope everybody has a good day with lots cute and less controversy.

  48. LyndaLu says:

    This is not funny or cute. My nervous system is very sensitive and I know how that feels.

  49. This is still here?

    Am taking a vacation from CO. Starting now. Ending….?

  50. Diandra says:

    Close the door on your way out.

  51. Yes, please do. It’s still cold outside for some regions, and we don’t want the bunny to get out!

  52. 6rabbits says:

    As an adult I’ve had many rabbits, most rescues, over a 25 year (eek!) period, and have seen buns frightened by something I couldn’t anticipate would frighten them, and totally unfazed by something I was sure would have.
    My first rabbit played with balloons once after a party and we thought it was hysterical and took pictures. Once he realized he could POP them he went after them all, biting and popping with abandon! (No, he didn’t ingest any.)
    I understand everyone’s concerns, but I’d like to give the owners the benefit of the doubt. May I also point out that the bun seems _more_ frantic because he can’t find purchase on the slick floor, thus making it difficult to escape to a safe place?
    Every time I mention I have rabbits someone has a tale to tell about how their poor housed-outside-bunny froze to death, was killed by a dog who was able to pull the rabbit (or part of it) out of the enclosure, or was killed in some other way purely due to being housed outside. I think I’ll save my outrage for that.