Happy Cheeks!

Well, we hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter, complete with all the flowers, feasts, faith and fun with friends and family, and most especially that oldest favorite Easter blessing,
“Keep eating all that candy and you’re going to be sick!”

Thanks for sharing, Daily Pozitive.


  1. zippy the Chippy! LOL! Some one has had way too much caffeine.

  2. Careful, he’s gonna ‘splode!

  3. edmundh says:

    How much you wanna bet that McCheeky here is coming back for seconds?

  4. Mamabear says:

    He’s totally oblivious to how cute he is. He has no idea. It’s just another day in Munkville for him, cramming his pouches, and scampering away.

  5. just one thin mint ….

  6. Outrageously cute. Too much for me this morning.

  7. Outrageously cute. Too much for me this morning.


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