24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter @ 7:47am PT (BONUS!)

Get ready people, Alison A. is feeling chatty. All yours AA- just wrap up whenever.

“We adopted two rescue buns earlier this year and I did a mini-photo shoot with them for a blog post.

Emerson Investigates

“Anywhos, we got a few really cute pictures out of it and I thought y’all might be interested.”

Peabody Investigates

“Their names are Peabody (floofy) and Emerson (less floofy) and the shark is called Rufus.”


“The photos were taken by me, Alison A. (if you use them you can link to my Twitter if you do that sort of thing.)” [We do, & we did -Ed]

It's a Trap

“My favourite is definitely ‘Skeptical Emerson.’ There aren’t many with both in, as buns are tricky to shoot (especially with a shark around.)”

Skeptical Emerson

“But I’ve also attached two photos from when we first brought them home!”

New Arrivals

“Sorry if the files are massive, I did re-size them, but I didn’t want to skimp on ‘quality’.”

New Arrivals Again

“Thanks for Cute Overload, it’s my sanity-haven.” [CO = sanity? Non-sequitur. -Ed]


“I look forward to my calendar every year!”

Nervous Peabody
24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter continues…



  1. While we are oohing and aahing over inanimate objects with bunneh ears, I give you… the Easter MINI! (I’d like to see the Easter Bunny go 55 mph and not break an egg!)

  2. That looks like a lovely home for your buns 😉

  3. Wheee, my bunnies are on Cute Overload! And for the record, I didn’t think you’d post my ENTIRE email or ALL the pictures I sent, so I’m not totally crazy, just not au fait with submitterating! *Bashful.*

  4. Wahay! My bunnies are on Cute Overload! I feel like I should say, for the record, I’m not totally crazy, just not au fait with submitterating things to the tinternet (I didn’t think my entire e-mail and all the pictures I sent would get posted, ha). :$

  5. JenDeyan says:

    The floof is strong with Peabody.

  6. How much do I love the shark with bunny ears? A lot. A. LOT.

  7. The shark put on the bunny ears? Now he’s 1.5 times faster than usual! (Guess the game I’m referring to and you get all the nerd points).

  8. Candy gram…

  9. RangerGirl says:

    I have to ask – Did the bunnehs’ names come from a certain book series?

  10. They most certainly did, you clever clogs! I reckon I need to create some toys shaped like a parasol and trowel for my next trick…

  11. Clearly not au fait with tinternet, I can’t even get the commenting correct! 😛

  12. Those are two verrrrry brave (and adorable) bunlets!! 🙂

  13. They wouldn’t happen to be Amelia Peabody and Radcliffe Emerson by any chance? And where is Ramses?

  14. Exactly,.

  15. 6rabbits says:

    Oh-my-gosh! I didn’t even pick up on that and I ADORE that series!!

  16. 6rabbits says:

    I like how optimistic you are in decorating their chewable cardboard house! 🙂

  17. Eh, they’ve had that thing for months and aside from a little redecorating inside it’s been grand! I know I’ll kick myself for saying this, but thus far they only seem interested in chewing on the made-for-purpose chew toys!

  18. Thankfully no Ramses, as our wee buns are neutered. Maybe our next pet will be a Ramses (so what if he’s a fish…)! 😀 For now we’ll just say he’s off at boarding school.

  19. But, but, but….if you add a Ramses you would also need to add ” The Cat Bastet” for total verisimilitude.