24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter @ 7:17am PT

“First of all, I LOVE Cute Overload! I’ve been following you for years now, and it is always a ‘happy moment’ when I load your website, followed with ‘ohhhh’s and ‘ahhhhh’s. :-)’ I would also like to send a picture of my two (disapproving) bunnehs, Han (the little guy with orange fur) and Chewie (my little lady with wild hair.)” -Carolina C.

24 Hours O’ Cute: Hoppy Easter cont-Chewie, get us OUTTA here!



  1. SlaveToCat says:

    Somebody has a milk mustache. giggle

  2. Bunny lips are the best lips.

  3. Han looks surprised to me, but Chewie most definitely disapproves.