Weirdest Looking Easter Bunny Ever

This Easter Bunny’s Teddy’s got QUILLS! If you see this guy come hoppin’ down the Bunny Trail, be careful how you pet him.

Zooniversity, naturally.



  1. Umm, is Teddy Bear a ducky? Cuz I? swear I heard him say “Quack quack” at 1:03 and then a few times more. Whatever he is, he is the cutest boy in town and he always brightens my day.

  2. In this video, I distinctly heard him say, “I’m not done yet” and “yes, yes yes,” when asked if he could wish everybody a happy Easter.

  3. No no! I’m sure he said “Nut butters.” His human should go fetch some stat!

  4. 1:02 I clearly hear him say “Back up buddy.” Happy Easter Teddy.

  5. I heard, ‘Fine, fine, fine’ when asked to wish everyone Happy Easter.

  6. Teddy Teddy. As I ALWAYS say, what’s a holiday without a voracious, opinionated little costumed porklypine, chowing down and editorializing? 😀

  7. Happy Easter to all! Here’s a big pile of adorable baby chicks!

  8. Exactly. And we love teddy.

  9. murkle46 says:

    Poor Teddy having to put up with Little Miss “Grabby Hands”.Will this poor porcupine’s suffering ever end?

  10. It’s not a holiday without Teddy!

  11. Fird Birfle says:

    YAY Teddy!!! Theresa has him described, down to a Quill!!

    by the way Theresa? did you know/ it looks like there is a film being released
    on Friday April 12th, which looks to be about Jackie Robinson …
    (was his shirt number 48 or so?)

  12. Mikeyfur says:

    I totally agree. No matter what the holiday, I look to see if Teddy Bear is celebrating.

  13. 42 😀

  14. NTMTOM’s description of Teddy’s “nemesis, Velma Snackgrabber” is still a go-to phrase when I need a smile.

  15. Teddy cracks me up!! Listening to him the first time I couldn’t get over it. His cute voice, his desperately CUTE noises. He LOVES his snacks!

  16. I just love Teddy. He cracks me up.

  17. macquills says:

    I agree. I hate how she can only get him to talk by trying to take his food away. It’d be cute if he was just chatty, but teasing him like that is just mean.

  18. YAY Jackie Robinson!! He and Roy Campanella were two of my mom’s favorites. Sigh. Happy Opening Day, Theresa, all is now right with the world!!

  19. My mom and dad, too. My mom was there on Opening Day 1947, when Jackie played his first game. Her Italian father pointed at the black guy on the field and said to her “You see that man– that man is going to bring us a pennant.”
    My dad still has the notebook he was using in school when Jackie Robinson stole home in the World Series. The nuns let them listen to the radio. He wrote in big letters “JACKIE ROBINSON STOLE HOME.”

    BASEBALL FOREVER! *wildlyflailingpompoms*