Penny, Get Ready To Hop To It

Penny the Lop’s gonna get BUSY tomorrow morning. Strangely, no sign of stress, anxiety, or disapproval.






Photos by Annie D.


  1. SlaveToCat says:

    Too cute thud..

  2. Coffee Cup says:

    *knock knock knock*
    *knock knock knock*
    *knock knock knock*

  3. kibblenibble says:

    WHAT Sheldon?!?

  4. Robin Kiesel says:


  5. What a pretty bun! And she really does not seem to disapprove…

  6. What a lovely little bun!! I’m a sucker for a bun with long floppy earses.

  7. *gasp*

  8. I thought my bunny was cute but (ssshh don’t tell her) I think she’s got competition ;)

  9. Penny is highly disapproving and gives you two ears down.

  10. I could usually take or leave the buns but this one is so prosh!

  11. Lady Rune says:

    Cutest lil bunny ever! Her ears look almost like pig tails~!

  12. pupfanatic says:

    Curses, Lady Rune! I was JUST gonna say pig tails! Now no one will ever bewieve me:(

    In any case, that bun is ah-dor-abule!

  13. Cute Overload’s Easter Bunday Special! Brought to you by Bunway Airlines, official transport for Cute Overload!

  14. GAH!!!!! The cuteness it burns…. Falls over dead from toomuch bunny fluffy adorableness.

  15. Sigh i am in moderations. All because. So here is the deal. These pictures,are too cute. That is all i am done.

  16. I just want to be where the grass is that green and lush!

  17. I’m always surprised that these buns don’t run away.

  18. Yayy for Penny! My co-worker Stacey helped me come up with the name. We’d love to get a second bun and name him Sheldon! Thanks for all the bunny love!


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