A Teddy Bear’s Teddy?

How about I wear the red sparkly one tonight?
Melissa S.’s Beastie Beans, the pomeranian, is back!



  1. This is a mind-bending combination of seductive and innocent. And adorable! Those eyes slay me…

  2. Lady Rune says:

    Those are the kind of eyes that’d let someone off with any and all crimes!

  3. MINE! MINE! MINE! “”grabs puppeh and runs away”

  4. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Red is definitely your color. Sequins just enhance.

  5. The qte. It is lethal!! *thud*

  6. emmberrann says:

    Princess Di eyes?
    Also, sequins are really more an evening look, doncha think? But red really is your color, dear! You’ll look adorable in that, you reeelly will.

  7. Oh man, that is enough to keel me!!

  8. sabrina rose says:

    Beastie looks fierce!

  9. Are we sure this isn’t a schipperke? Sure looks like it. Cute as cute gets, that’s for sure!

  10. Wow, thought this was a cat-dog-cub at first glance!

  11. My heart goes pitter pat when I see those eyes.