UPDATE: Roastpotato Visits The White Bear Pub

You’ll recall we did a story on the White Bear Pub in East London- they are very pet-friendly. We sent UK Cuteporter Roastpotato to the White Bear to check it out in person.

[Actually, she went on her own- Ed]

“I saw the 3 animals as soon as i went in the door and little Poppet was jumping around, following me round and took all my attention until I noticed my friend trying to not be irritated :-).

So I got the drinks and sat on the sofa with the dogs, with Poppet on my knee 🙂 and Bo next to me on his back for his belly to be rubbed!

I played tug with Bo and the Raccoon type dog toy, then got the two of them to play with it together, little Poppet wasn’t quite sure what to do so I had to put it in her mouth :-).

The barman Joe was great, he told me that the cat is always there but she sometimes bites! And the dogs are there until 6pm on weekdays when their human mum (the landlady) takes them home. I showed Joe the CO site and the video that Nat S had posted. We were given a gingerbread man on our way out and made to feel very welcome.”

~Thanks RP!



WB 20130327 Ginger Wednesday

WB 20130327 Bo 2

WB 20130327 Bo

WB 20130327 Bud 1

WB 20130327 Bud 2

WB 20130327 Poppet & Bo 1

WB 20130327 Poppet & Bo 2

WB 20130327 Poppet + Me crop

WB 20130327 Poppet



  1. Roastpotato? 🙂

    From now on I refuse to patronize any establishment that doesn’t allow dogs and/or cats. And maybe bebbeh goatlets.

  2. roastpotato says:

    Yep, that’s me! 🙂

  3. A great big woof! meow! snort! tweet! quack! baa! of support to you all! ^_^

  4. OMG, the Aran sweater on Poppet..

    Thanks for the cuteport, roastpotato!! ❤

  5. Lynne Skysong says:

    Aw, that means my Greyhound would get a discount. She’s a gorgeous red fawn.

  6. whut we got HEAH iz some floofiness and some grooviness !!

    (hint: say that sentence out loud & it rhymes!!)

  7. Now that is true journalism, CO-style! Drinkin’ beer, rubbin’ bellies, and playing tug’o’war.

  8. Well I know where I’m going to visit on my next trip to London. Plus I’ll go on a Wednesday as I’ve red hair (male English friend tried to tell me that girls aren’t called Gingers, he’d obviously not watched Gilligan’s Island)

  9. I love that you went in person to check it out! And Poppet’s sweateauh which i can’t spell properly is so cute!

  10. Coffee Cup says:

    Ask him if people still take offense to being called “ginger.” I’m curious to know. I’ve never known anyone who was offended, but I know some do because it has been used as a derogatory name in the past.

  11. lisaLASSIE says:

    It was very brave of you, as a roastpotato, to go into a pub for your CO research and report. Thank you. Glad you made it back out again: hope it was all in one piece.

  12. If I ever get back to London I’ll be sure to pay a visit to the White Bear!
    We had a book store in Montréal QC called Nebula (unfortunately gone now) the owner’s dog was named Kirby and he would greet every customer at the door and was always happy to let you pet him.

  13. Wait, so those dogs are only there to take advantage of the ginger discount? *gasps*

  14. Yay RoastPotato… Thank you so much for going to the pub in person. You are totally my hero. and Yes I think I just must visit this pub if I ever get to England. I would totally spend all my time there with the animals LOL! Yes that is how I roll.

  15. DewiCasGwent says:

    If Roast Potato wants a nice pub can I suggest Coach and Horses in Chepstow and their lovely Scotties, but also helped Chepstow to mourn our poor Alfie http://www.monmouth-today.co.uk/News.cfm?id=9340&headline=Chepstow%20says%20gooodbye%20to%20Alfie
    If fact Alfie was so popular, might have His corner renamed
    And should RP come via Rail then Sonny would give RP a warm welcome

  16. roastpotato says:

    Gosh, you’re right! Imagine if I’d been covered in gravy, as I often am :-O

  17. yay! c.o. haz a local!

    will visit. if i’m ever that side of the atlantic hermit-crab-and-nudibranch habitat

  18. Yay! And thanks for the Cuteport, roastptato! Of course, I’m sure you didn’t really mind going…

  19. DewiCasGwent says:

    in the lounge for first time

  20. Congrats DCG ! Here’s a shot of tequila & some chips & guacamole to get your party started ! There will be choc. fondue over in the corner in a little bit .

  21. Roast Potato you are Awesome ! This ginger thanks you for the wonderful cuteport !

  22. “Only a ginger can call another ginger ‘Ginger’!”
    (you can Google Tim Minchin’s “Prejudice” but I warn you it’s not safe for work…or small children…or delicate sensibilities…;))

  23. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about the passing of dear sweet Alfie 😥

  24. I hope that I can visit that pub in the near future and meet up with you, roastpotato 😀

  25. Roast potatoes are staples in English pubs 😉

  26. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Those pictures are great. Reminds me of our dealy departed ginger toy poodle Noah.

  27. WoolyBully says:

    I get irritated when someone calls me ‘ginger’ unless they know me well and can take what they dish out. I’m not very sensitive but I do think it’s annoying and not even remotely funny to call a stranger by a physical trait, even if it’s a trait I love about myself. I used to work with a woman who always called me ‘red’ or ‘ginger’ and I took to calling her ‘brown’ or ‘dishwater’ and suddenly it wasn’t so clever or funny.