Pets As Pillows

New Rule Of Cuteness Proposal: If one animuhl uses another as a pillow…that’s cute.



1. April G.: “I came across this photo on Reddit this afternoon. Those precious big pup/small pup faces are too gorgeous not to share! It’s always wonderful to adopt animals who need a home.”
2. Ashlee sent us this snapshot of Tom (cat) and Milo (dog), photo by Sarah G. and/or Derek H., we dunno.
3. Larissa C.: “Who needs an ordinary pillow when one has a bunny pillow? Selling like hot BUNS! Get ’em while stocks last. Video credit to Ignoramusky.”



  1. All in favor of the new proposal say “CUTE” ! ………….CUTE !!!

  2. This rule has my vote!

  3. Who is pillowing whom in picture #1? There’s some dual pillow-blankie action going on there.

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Yeah, I’m wondering, how can we tell if there’s a pillow on the bottom, or a blankie on top?? Who’s the pillow-ee, in other words?

  5. fish eye no miko says:


  6. What sells me on pic #1 is the look on the big dog’s face. He’s all, “I really should be up and doing something productive right now, but there’s a puppy sleeping in my lap. Mustn’t. Wake. Puppy.”

  7. I think it’s 2 pillows, 1 blankie, and 1 hot water bottle…

  8. lisaLASSIE says:

    There’s a whole bed there, people.

  9. However what exactly is the difference between this and interpecies snorgling?

  10. Photo 2: How big is that kitteh? Do you think doggersons has any say about it?

  11. The axis of snorgling aspect is missing, duh

  12. Because the two animals may, as in the first example, be of the same species.

  13. Pillow-ception?

  14. It’s not a rule already? CUTE!

  15. it’s recursive pillowing. pillowrouboros. baroo.

  16. my reaction to that pic is a very reassuring “yes, you can keep him”, all the while my insides are screaming “what no how can we but he’s so cute what are you thinking they love each other but how can we there’s no way but what a life lesson but how can we”. and a mona lisa smile.

  17. Or the look on the big dog’s face is “Lay one finger on this pup and you will get it!”

  18. Probably the little dog, Milo, loves it when the cat, Tom, uses him as a pillow because he finds it nice and warm with a kitty using him as a pillow 😀

  19. Ed zachary what I was thinking.

  20. pupfanatic says:

    The 1st pic: Oh Dear Lawdy above…eh…um…*thud*

  21. michelle b adams says:

    Regarding first pic: Yes, yes, you can. Clearly meant to be. Fate Nuff said.

  22. Madame X says:

    CUTE! CUTE! A thousand times CUTE!

  23. CUTE!

  24. Poor squashed bun!

  25. ScoutsMom says:

    I think kitty is thinking, “Hey buddy, If you’re gonna lay on my blankie, then I’m gonna lay on you.”

  26. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    The first picture is the best thing I have seen in the whole world in a long time.

  27. This rule definately has my vote!!! Specially when different species get along so well!