Hummingbird Honk-Shu

The title says it all, People. (Turn up the speakers- you’ll get some camera noise or whatever, but it’s worth it. Swear.)

Posted on Youtube by forrestertr7.


  1. Lady Rune says:

    Eeeee! *A* Cutest sound ever!

  2. da. si. yavolt. c’est vrai. bien sur. i concur.

  3. Encore presentayshe! But who could get enough teensy bumminghird snores?

  4. OMG I DIED … …

  5. i died too! this is my ghost writing….beautiful!!!

  6. oaklandcat says:

    this made my kitteh wake up and take notice!….and then, curl back up again.

  7. Same here! One of my tabbehs was sleeping, bolted up in high alert mode for a few seconds…then returned to sleeping. The crisis was over quickly. :D

  8. Nothing to see here citizens, return to your posts.

  9. :lol: I bet Mrs Hummingbird kicked him out of bed for snoring!

  10. twocityshibas says:

    Well, he can come sleep next to me any time – I’m a bit of a snorer too. ;-P

  11. To curtail snoring, “Avoid caffeine and heavy meals within two hours of going to bed, especially dairy products and soymilk.” Mr. McHummersons needs to cut back on his dairy consumption!

  12. For humans, no link between dairy and phlegm. Science!
    And to me, he sounds like a teensy Shriner after New Year’s Eve, wearing a lampshade and snoring with a party noisemaker rolling and unrolling from his leeps. A Honk-Shu hall-of-famer!

  13. Where is his teensy motorsickle?

  14. StormCat42 says:

    Theresa, the cartoon image I have now in my head of Mr. McHummersons on a teeny motorsickle is making me laugh out loud! Meanwhile, my Sophie FuzzyBritches did not like that snoring and insisted I turn it off… Cats, so demanding… LOL

  15. Katherine G. says:

    Sweet birdy dreams.

  16. onionpencil says:

    i’m guessing the li’l guy is a li’l bit sick. hope they get him all fixed up soon!

  17. sabrina rose says:

    That was fascinating information! Thanks for posting the link. So interesting to learn more about these adorable birds.

  18. How cool!

  19. Was that his tongue sticking out? That’s adorable!

  20. This is something I never thought I would see … I love hummingbirds all the more now!

  21. OMG. That is just redonkulous! :)


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