Zartan, the Man-Ape!

Raised in the backyards of deepest Scranton by a family of wild patent attorneys, Zartan swings through the neighborhood, sounding his mighty call for extended deadlines with regards to 37 CFR § 11.6(c) filings!

Via ghatamos. (Yes, this is a female orangutan. Please pardon the literary sex change.)



  1. Is there no end to NOMTOM’s wild imagination?

    *adoring sigh*

  2. AAAnnnnddd I’ve just caught the hovertext!!1111!!!

  3. Ah ha, is this a clue? NOMTOM cites the correct title of the CFR for patent law! Hmmmm. Plus, he knows that patent attorney are wild and crazy and swing from trees …. Do I sense a past in the wilds of a law firm with an intellectual property practice? It would help explain the crazy point of view. 😉

  4. emmberrann says:

    Mike, you are *in SNL accent* wan wahld and crrazy guy! Crazy brilliant! P.S. Um, anynews on the coffeetable book?

  5. Oh ntmtom, you know you can woo all the ladies with your nerdy talk. If I wasn’t gettin’ married on Saturday, I’d line up with the rest of ’em! Guess I’ll settle for just having you autograph my law books.

  6. thelittlemyrmidon says:

    37 CFR 11.6: Registration of attorneys and agents. Hilarious!

  7. Does Zartan have a branch office at the Steamtown Mall?

  8. 260Oakley says:

    You’re gettin’ hitched? Congratulations! Will you be nomming the groom’s ear as part of the ceremony? And please tell me that the divine Miss Schnozz will be a bridesmaid.

  9. hahahaha he actually hates it when I do that! maybe that’s why I have to take it out on the puppehs 🙂

    the Divine Miss S will be there in spirit and will celebrate with milkbones, but sadly she isn’t allowed on the property where we’re having the shindig. (stupid rules *kicks rocks*)

  10. Oh hon, I wish you a lifetime of happiness with Mr. tracylee. All of God’s blessings on you both (and the Divine Miss S, of course – goes without saying). *warm hugs*

  11. Congrats tracylee!!!!!
    Many many many years of happiness!

  12. Tracylee, you sly … dog? All the best to both–all of you!!

  13. CrankyAmy (@CrankyAmy) says:

    None of the patent attorneys I work with are that cute OR that fun. . .

  14. I assume Mr Tracylee knows what he’s letting himself in for, maryin’ with a Qte maniac?

    Congratulations to both of you.

  15. Marryin’!

    “Maryin'”? It just doesn’t sound right…….

  16. haha he’s aware : )
    fortunately he likes dogs almost as much as I do!

    & thanks for all the love, guys! makes me feel very happy ❤

  17. I loooOOOoooOOOooove the hover text! 🙂

  18. victoreia says:

    NTMTOM, ya slay me!

  19. Congratulations and Best Wishes, tracylee! 🙂 May you have excellent weather on your happy day and many many many many many years of wedded bliss thereafter. 🙂

  20. There is no end.

  21. Lewis n' Clark says:

    NTMTOM, are you a patent examiner? Which Art Unit? (Cute Art Unit, natch). I work in patents, and I keep telling people how funny patent attorneys are. For years, I could only point to Calvin’s Dad (Calvin & Hobbs), but now there’s you!