Those TPS Reports Will Have to Wait

Really needed to address a complexity of very important work issues requiring immediate attention and resolve today, and then some kid with floppy ears comes along.

“This is Diva, the little goat with a big personality.”, says Tracy R., “It is rare to get a shot of her with her mouth shut!”



  1. She looks like a Diva!

  2. I cannot even express how much I want a little McGoatersons of my own!!

  3. bluebird says:

    Beautiful little Nubian!

  4. whawhawhatsis says:

    I am ded, ded, ded from teh cute! Oh, that little face!

  5. Those flappular ears are begging to be nommed…..

  6. Me too, but my other half keeps saying no. : (

    Diva is absolutely adorable, and it sounds like her name suits her very well!

  7. Those flappy ears are reminiscent of the flying nun.

  8. agreed, Saff

  9. Just give the reports to Diva, and she’ll shred them for you.

  10. it’s the wide eyes and the nerdy grin…

  11. pupfanatic says:

    Between this lil goatsy and the babbeh goatlet from Cornell U, who was wearing the poncho, I am w/o oxygen.

    As told to typist via Oxygen Tank.

  12. This is whut Ah keep TELLIN youse guys!!!

    oh and you can’t see it here but they ALWAYS seem to have oddball teefs. THAT’s the kickeer, for ME.