THIS JUST IN: When Pandas Snorgle

There may be snorglin’ here or just a good ol’ fashioned wrassle. Then again, Junior may be gettin’ a bit of a whuppin’. Any way you look at it, Mama smooshes him pretty good at :01.

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  1. *Nonsensical gibberish and gasps*

  2. Looks like Mama has her own private teddy bear, “I’ll squeeze him and love him and smoosh him and call him George”

  3. Mama smooshes him pretty good through the whole video.

    At least we know now what baby pandas are made from.


  4. “Roll, roll, roll over my baby….”

    I would act exactly like that mama panda — “C’mere you! Come back for your hugs and snorgles!”

  5. The Original Jane says:

    I vote for older brother or sister. Mama pandas are usually slow, occupied with the business of eating and are being bothered by their cubs, not the other way around.

  6. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Panda ‘tocks!

  7. I think i broke something internal I went AWWWWW so hard.

  8. That’s a good theory. That was a pretty rough play session and I heard some “MEH’s” come from the baby around 1:06. The baby was running from the other, so who knows? It was definitely cute!!

  9. Martha in Washington says:

    *imagining Junior making the same giggling noise my boys made when they were “snorgled” like that*

  10. Nah, panda moms play wif their babies. A lot. From Zoo Atlanta’s panda page:

    “We… found that mothers and cubs spent an average of 6% of their time engaged in reciprocal play-fighting (i.e., rough and tumble play) when cubs were 6–12 months old.”

  11. Mom: Come here and let me keees you!
    Bahbee panda: Mooooom. Not in front of the people! Stop it! You are embarrassing me!
    Just like at my house.

  12. What she said. 🙂

  13. Katherine G. says:

    Their cuteness is making me weak.

  14. Love the wrestling play. Too cute for words. I saw a tiger bomb in there!

  15. I love you so much, I could just eat you right up!

  16. phred's mom says:

    Or at least what’s left of him.

  17. Classic Face Plant at 0.28! SMACK!! Too cute!! It’s cute OVERLOAD!!

  18. I don’t know about panda play but it looked awfully rough to me.

  19. I replayed that part so many times! Hilarious!

  20. Eeep! Maybe this is why baby pandas don’t survive in captivity… 😥