Stubbular Family Foto

Let’s give a big CO welcome to the Stubbular clan. Left to right, Max, Mom Martha, Dad Michael, Minny, and..Henry. (Mom and Dad got stuck for an “M” name.)




  1. 260Oakley says:

    Little Red Corgette

  2. They couldn’t think of another “M” name? There are dozens!! Martin (Marty), Malcolm (Mal), Manuel (Manny), Montgomery (Monty), Marvin (Marv), Milton (Milt), Morris – or Maurice (Morrie), Mitchell (Mitch), etc, etc, etc…..

  3. Coffee Cup says:


  4. Manos, Paws of Fate?

  5. Oops, meant to reply to thelittlemyrdion with another M name.

    Reminds me of a neighbor I used to live by who would mow his lawn using a riding mower, with his Pom on his lap. Sooo cute.

  6. Are you sure this wasn’t taken when the Royal Corgis “inspected” the groundskeeper at Balmoral Castle? 🙂

  7. Win!

  8. Inigo Montoya (he only fights left pawed.

  9. Mowing the lawn has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. That, and the crew is preoccupied snorgling corgis.

  10. Oh my! Corgis galore-ys!

  11. SlaveToCat says:

    Be careful when jingling the car keys. The neighborhood may want to go for a ride with you. Not that I mind giving free rides.

  12. With creepy servant, Corgo?

  13. Gorgus!

  14. JenDeyan says:

    Max Stubbular, yay! I hug him and all his clan.

  15. sabrina rose says:

    A good-lookin’ clan. Multiples are fun!

  16. Yessss!

  17. CatViccer says:

    All smilinks!!

  18. nice, O