Stubbular Family Foto

Let’s give a big CO welcome to the Stubbular clan. Left to right, Max, Mom Martha, Dad Michael, Minny, and..Henry. (Mom and Dad got stuck for an “M” name.)



  1. 260Oakley says:

    Little Red Corgette

  2. Gorgus!

  3. Win!

  4. nice, O

  5. They couldn’t think of another “M” name? There are dozens!! Martin (Marty), Malcolm (Mal), Manuel (Manny), Montgomery (Monty), Marvin (Marv), Milton (Milt), Morris – or Maurice (Morrie), Mitchell (Mitch), etc, etc, etc…..

  6. Coffee Cup says:


  7. Inigo Montoya (he only fights left pawed.

  8. Yessss!

  9. Manos, Paws of Fate? :D

  10. With creepy servant, Corgo?

  11. Oops, meant to reply to thelittlemyrdion with another M name.

    Reminds me of a neighbor I used to live by who would mow his lawn using a riding mower, with his Pom on his lap. Sooo cute.

  12. Are you sure this wasn’t taken when the Royal Corgis “inspected” the groundskeeper at Balmoral Castle? :)

  13. Mowing the lawn has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. That, and the crew is preoccupied snorgling corgis.

  14. Oh my! Corgis galore-ys!

  15. SlaveToCat says:

    Be careful when jingling the car keys. The neighborhood may want to go for a ride with you. Not that I mind giving free rides.

  16. JenDeyan says:

    Max Stubbular, yay! I hug him and all his clan.

  17. sabrina rose says:

    A good-lookin’ clan. Multiples are fun!

  18. CatViccer says:

    All smilinks!!


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