Haj, Tina And Roadie!*

Stefan F. was kind enough to send us these outstanding Ratty McRatterson photos, and added “Love Cute Overload, keep it up!”



(*They’re from Sweden.) Photos by Zemlan.



  1. rescue gal says:

    Looks like Tina is having a bad whiskers day. My hair is super curly too, so I understand.

  2. PandaGrrl says:

    Oh my goodness. The scraggly whiskers! I can’t handle it!

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    My first thoughts, too! “What has happened to Tina’s wheeskairs?”

  4. doomchild says:

    Should be “Hej, Tina och Roadie!” 🙂

  5. Martha in Washington says:

    I ADORE Tina’s curly whiskers!!!!

  6. maybe the ratties and their servant are from skåne in the southern part of sweden?
    i *think* “hej” is pronounced “haj” in skåne.
    in the part of sweden where *i* live, “haj” means “shark”.
    and i do not want to think of sharks and ratties together.

  7. Dumbo Rex? I ADORE Dumbos!

  8. JenDeyan says:

    I was thinking. I bet those curly whispers are a genetic trait and then I looked up dumbo rex. Genetics is fun.

  9. kookiemaster says:

    That would be correct, just like their hair comes out curly-esque, so do their whiskers. Gives them a permanent bed head look. Adorable ratties!

  10. Tina has to be one of the most adorable critters I’ve ever seen in my life. The wheeskaires, the bedhead, the leetle handses, the shiny soulful eyeses, the mouf… she’s the whole package of qte!!

  11. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Tina is a rex (curly hair) Dumbo (ears low on the side of the head).

  12. Coffee Cup says:

    Tina reminds me of Tina Fey, and that reminds me of all of Liz Lemon’s bad haircuts.

  13. I am Lizzing at those curly fries whiskers!!!

  14. bluebird says:

    Both so cute. What is that nifty pink bedding material?

  15. Victoria, Mom to 2 Rats says:

    Such cuties! And oh so photogenic. I wish my two old man rats were this photogenic and cooperative, then maybe I could submit some photos of ’em. C.O. doesn’t feature enough ratties!

  16. Stephanie says:

    Anybody notice the one on the right is knitting?????

  17. I was wondering what made the whiskers curly like that– it’s like my hair when I wake up some mornings.

  18. I love ratties!! But I don’t have one because I can’t handle loosing pets that often, I get too attatched “sigh” if only they lived longer!

  19. minimoppel says:


  20. I hate it when you sleep on your whiskers weird, and you wake up with them all crooked!

  21. Me too! It’s too heartbreaking to lose them after just 2 years!

  22. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  23. Oh, don’t I know it. But can’t live without them, so I suffer through loss every year (have many generations at the same time). It’s the one flaw in the perfect animal … 😦
    Hej hopp i lingonskogen, förresten 🙂

  24. I LURVE Tina’s cray-zay whiskers!