I’m Grateful for this Grate




  1. Somebody tackle tracylee before she sees this! 🙂

  2. Fird Birfle says:

    I know, right????? poor tl 😦

  3. Fird Birfle says:

    Gee!!! THAT’s odd. Something insanely cute???
    on, of all webpages, http://www.CUTEOVERLOAD.com ??? who’da thunk it ?????

    “Nudge, nudge/
    wink, wink” !!! 😉

  4. mindadale says:

    Sigh…just what I needed of spending the last hour on the phone with two different tech supports being talked to like a I’m a moron. (Yeah, I’m not computer whiz but I know how to type the letters “admin” so you can quit spelling it for me the dang thing isn’t working, Lady!)
    Thanks, puppeh. 🙂

  5. I am grateful for NOMTOM. 🙂

  6. That’s funny because I *am* a moron when it comes to technical stuff. I always tell them to speak to me like a 6 year old and hopefully I’ll understand. 🙂

  7. As am I. My cats do this but their earsies don’t flop in the breeze.

  8. mindadale says:

    Yeah, I understand why they do it. I was okay for the first twenty minutes. Coming up on an hour I was getting twitchy though. Definitely needed a puppeh break (especially because it’s still not fixed)!

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Welcome to the ear-vent of the season!

  10. aww, guys, I’m not THAT bad, am I?

    wait… don’t answer that…

  11. my favorite gif ever.

    flappy ears make the world go ’round

  12. Hey, that’s an idea! Puppy on the air vent – make the whole house smell like puppy breath!

  13. Coffee Cup says:


  14. tracylee, the ears are now saying ‘hi’ to you!

  15. Can’t get over the peach fuzz on the top of his head. *smooch*

  16. I had a pair of largeish brother and sister cats who would lie on the grates in cat loaf position, completely covering them. They’d be all, “Nope, sorry, you must be mistaken. There was never a grate here.”

  17. IKR? Hypnotic!

  18. I could look at him all day but I’m not sure my boss would approve.

  19. I want to go to there..!

  20. Nothing better than an infinite loop of flappity flappity flappity earses.

  21. Oh yes there is! It goes nommity nomnom nommity nommity noms!

  22. Just flying along. All good here.

  23. “Neverending Stoooory..”

  24. thank you ❤

  25. LOL. That was totally worth having that song stuck in my head for the rest of the night (as I will, being terribly prone to earworms as I am).

  26. I know, huh?

  27. This is awesome!

  28. Here’s the original video – http://youtu.be/7SZJ6PEH8Gs

  29. Look, it’s Marilyn Mawoof!

  30. pupfanatic says:

    So TWUE.

  31. pupfanatic says:

    Your boss should pay you for looking at baby labster w/ flappity ears. What else are you there for? Sheesh, I’d call HR immediately if I was you!:)

  32. 😆

  33. tracylee, you don’t have a MORCEL of “bad” in you 🙂

  34. sounds like they grew up in the Bronx have I got a DEAL for you ….