Charmed, I’m Sure

Attention: You are about to watch an ostrich dancing to Celtic music played on a tin whistle. You may experience a temporary feeling of disorientation, as if nothing in the universe makes sense. This is normal. Turn off the Internet and go outside.


  1. Obviously a LOTR fan.

  2. With its long legs, then is Ostrich named Strider?

  3. BRILLIANT! If I ever get an ostrich, he will be named Strider. ;)

  4. So much win!

  5. Yeah, LOTR soundtrack probably isn’t quite Celtic music. Maybe they both meet up at the next Comi-con.

  6. Ah, thanks for correcting me, you two. I guess I have a tin ear to go with that tin whistle. ;)

  7. Well, not too proud to admit how many times I’ve watched those movies (extended versions too) on dvd. *go hides in my imaginary basement*

  8. 8 times in the theater and more times than I can count watching the extended editions, commentaries and ALL the behind the scenes footage.

    I nerd out over the artists and the craftsmen at WETA as the actors in the films. XD

  9. I too nerd out, and did so very recently with the whole trilogy, to prep for Hobbit release. So this was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

  10. Dear heavens we’re nerds.

  11. 15 times in the theater for Fellowship, about 10 each for the following two, extended film-fest at home every New Years Day since they were all released on DVD, too many other times to mention just casual viewing when I was lonely for them … like that ostrich, I too bow down and dance when the music starts! LOL

  12. I even have the LOTR version of Trivial Pursuit. Nerd & proud!

  13. I just want to cut in here and say that this is the 10,000th published post on Cute Overload, according to the counter in our blog software. Due to the occasional deleted or lost post, the actual 10,000th post has already appeared, but I wouldn’t care to guess which one it is.

  14. 10,000th ith hard to thay without listhping.

  15. Hey, you’ve got my tongue all mixed up now!

  16. Happy 10K CO! What do you get someone for their 10,000th anniversary? Is this the nommable ears or fluffy belleh anniversary?

    Happy posing and many many many more!!

  17. *posting. :)

  18. SlaveToCat says:

    The blonde boy now has a new Lord and Master since that was the Ostrich Mating Dance. Hope his girlfriend doesn’t mind sharing.

  19. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Ain’t no love like interspecies love. <3

  20. Blonde boy is now a poster-man of CO. Heck with any girlfriend!
    Thanks CO I just choked on my porridge. Good grief!

  21. fleurdamour says:

    He is very much a Man of CO (Celtic Ostrich).

  22. FWIW, Ah lahk thees verry verry moosch. *applause*

  23. Ostriches are dancing fools!

  24. Alice Shortcake says:

    And thanks to that I’ll be hearing “Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda” for the rest of the day…

  25. It doesn’t have the video unfortunately, but maybe the Hatari ostrich roundup music will push the other out of you hear ;-)

  26. “your head” not “you hear” sheesh – had so much hassle with the WordPress login that I timed out, had to recreate the entire post and missed the typo. :-/

  27. WOW do I KNOW HOW THAT series of events feels !!!
    you have my complete and true sympathy slywolf.

  28. Mikeyfur says:

    And let’s not forget about Sheldon Cooper’s battle ostrich Glenn on The Big Bang Theory. Glenn would have loved Celtic tin whistle music.

  29. joools in PDX says:

    This is just the dose of “Reality” for which I visit CO every (work)day. Thankyew.
    Keep ’em coming – here’s to the next 10K!!!

  30. The Original Jane says:

    “Hey, it doesn’t just work on cobras!”

  31. Someone call Peter Jackson STAT!

  32. The Lord of the Dance

  33. nice connection!! fleurdamour=perceptive :)

  34. JenDeyan says:

    I react like that to the LOTR theme music too.

  35. *laughs self to death*

  36. *makes elegant, respectful funeral arrangements*

  37. colagirl says:

    That is honestly one of the strangest things I have ever seen.

  38. co = jus’ doin’ their job, ma’am

  39. I don’t WANT to go outside, it’s cold and dark and there are no.dancing.ostriches in MY backyard!!!

  40. fleurdamour says:

    I find I have some things to say:

    1. However did he get the idea to do this?
    2. How did he and his friend keep it together until the very end? ‘Cause I sure didn’t.
    3. Does anyone else think this is like watching James Dean in Giant only if he had an ostrich farm instead of Jett-Tex oil?
    4. I can’t believe this even happened in the world.

  41. I love the “what is this I don’t even” tag.

  42. I absolutely loved this “ou may experience a temporary feeling of disorientation, as if nothing in the universe makes sense. This is normal. Turn off the Internet and go outside.” – I’m still giggling – I’m also still in my bathrobe because it’s early in the morning, I haven’t had my coffee or shower yet, it’s freezing out and I just stopped in for a ‘fix’ of cute before my day gets away from me ;-)

  43. Dagnabbit my copy/paste missed the y on you – I give up – going back to bed.

  44. I keep tellin’ y’all TEH KEYBOARDS R EBIL

  45. From my vague memories of watching “Animals are Beautiful People” hundreds of times as a child, I seem to recall that this is a male ostrich mating display… which makes this video even more hilarious!

  46. Thought about it too!!! Well, I guess anyone would feel like that if there was someone playing lotr theme in a flute so close..xDD

  47. Martha in Washington says:

    Sally Rand could take lessons from this guy (the ostrich, I mean).

  48. reminds me of this

  49. I agree with slywlf, the text introduction was probably the greatest part of this post.

  50. I believe thats an old hymn, not lotr. Athough, it is very similar. It is closer to “This is My Fathers World” an ancient gaelic/celtic hymn

  51. woah man !! Detail knowledge = IMPRESSIVE


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