Ya, Gonna Be A Cold One Tonight, You Betcha

Much of the United States is getting blasted with snow and freezing weather, despite the fact Spring has allegedly sprung. No one knows the cold quite like our man Griffin here, in Fargo ND..where it’s headed down to, um, 3 tonight.

Griffin has figured out how to cope, though! “Griffin takes refuge by thawing in the sauna after kicking it tundra-style,” says Tiffany A.




  1. Poor puppeh looks sad. Come on, baby, come into my lap and I will warm you up.

  2. Don’t worry Griffin, spring will get to Fargo….eventually.

  3. Love the “Fargo” reference! Also, love the silly but extremely adorable puppers!

  4. 3F is only a little chilly over in Fargo! They get windchills of -30F even to -50F regularly in winter! I should know. I’m only 2 hours west. It’s going to be in the mid 30sF today! Time for tshirts!

  5. Wow, that sauna did a pretty neat transformation job there.

  6. NOthing like a spa day to warm a person right down to their toes

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