I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing

I’m gonna just enjoy my food coma right here.

Satisfied FaceHance!

“Abbie McFlooferson is a VOKRA rescue who loves her tuna bed.” – Sharon D.



  1. Where do I get one of those beds??? That is awesome. I wish there was a fancy feast version.

  2. Costco?

  3. ohhh, where o’ where … it’s a “gottahavit” bed!

  4. Ha! Costco is a good guess… when I first started shopping at Costco (about 20 years ago) They had these giant size cans of tuna, and I was always mesmerized.

  5. There was a sewing pattern – Simplicity 5233 – that had instructions for a bed very much like it, complete with fish and ‘tuna’ appliqués for the label. I wouldn’t think switching it to Fancy Feast would be terribly difficult. (But then, I make clothing for imaginary people – theatrical costumer – so it looks easy to _me_ …)

    The pattern is apparently out of print, but I found copies available on Etsy, eBay, and from sellers at Amazon.

  6. SlaveToCat says:

    Oh my that is a big kitty with a big appetite. Moves the little children out of the room.

  7. I’ve used sewing patterns too for cat beds, fairly recently, so they’re still out there. None of mine have a “lid” but that wouldn’t be too difficult. And the cats LOVE them–the minute one gets up from the bed, another cat claims it.

  8. Mesmerized by giant cans of tuna? Are you a cat? 🙂

  9. Wonder if he closes the lid when he doesn’t want to be disturbed.

  10. You are a beautiful floofy girl, Abbie!

  11. You can buy the tuna can cat bed at Dr Fosters and Smiths, and other sites.

  12. My Abbie tabby!!

    Abbie practically lives in this bed, and like Sue said, it’s available from Doctors Foster and Smith. It’s a little small, though – my big orange boy (Mr. Nosevember) hangs out of it.

  13. Good grief! How big is he?

  14. Abbie looks amazing as always! Love the tuna can bed, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to make… I suppose you could create your own label for the “can” using iron on transfers and a computer colour printer 😉

  15. He’s only 16 pounds. He’s a small Maine Coon…lol.

    Okay, so I don't quite fit in the tuna tin...

  16. Mobilechicane says:

    as always, Abbie is an adorable puss♥

  17. Is that like a giant shrimp?

    Beautiful boy, although I suspect he maybe a little spoiled.

  18. Thank you for your replies about where to get and/or make this bed. It’s so cute….one of my cats just loooves kitty beds. She would adore a bed like this. My other kitty likes beds too….as long as it’s a queen sized people bed…..and she can sleep in the dead center all night!!!

  19. Me too! I actually bought one and was exhausted trying to make a salad. Monster of a can. Very cool though. 🙂

  20. Perhaps…

  21. Are not ALL kitties spoiled, Kar 😆

  22. Oh, thank you, Sue 😀 I will talk to my brother, Seann, and his male friend, Charlie, to see if we should get a cat bed like that for each of our cats, Badger and Dooley 😀