Never Bring Chubb Folds to a Mantis Fight


You could lose an eye.

Redditor CMFW ‘s parent’s rescued stray, Tigger, trembling in fear of his foe’s formidable hunting prowess.



  1. eeek! The little mantis are cute but the big ones are downright skeeeryy!! (did you know a big mantis can snag and kill a hummingbird!?)

  2. He’ll poke ya eye out!

    Wait…too late.

  3. Mantis displaying the classic “Come at me, Bro!” posture.

  4. Mantis is thinking “Man, if I can catch this, I’ll eat like a king!”

  5. “I can fight you with one eye closed.”

  6. Brilliant. Never bring chubb folds to a mantis fight – I love that, Pyrit.

  7. Mantids (that’s the plural) have a whole lotta swagga.

  8. phred's mom says:

    My favorite bug.

  9. Please go away. It’s time for my nap.

  10. Mantis is all, “I know kung fu!” Pup is all, “Yeah, I could still fit you in my mouth.”

  11. flutterby says:

    Must be mantis day! Kewel bugs….

  12. that is something i did not need to know… i saw mantis in real life and i nearly peed my pants.

  13. SlaveToCat says:

    Stink eye for the Stink bug

  14. Have you seen the pictures .. I will never forget. this.

  15. I LOVE mantids 🙂