His Nibs

~Read in ornate script~ “I give you His Nibs (aka Nibs). A bunny of dignity …except, of course,
when he’s running into and over my feet doing the “Greens! Lovely fresh
greens!” happy dance. Or flopping on his side during a pet or showing
off his incredible peeeenk leeeeps, which he does most of the time.
Otherwise, total dignity. Ummm…. Total Dignity.” ~Bryn K.




  1. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow. This is THE most dignified bunny I’ve ever seen in my life. And the caption by pyrit totally made me laugh. Good Lord, people. Do you see the very learned and studious position of the paws? And the wise and scholarly expression on the face? (I must take a nap now because this picture has kind of drained me.)

  2. I have a sleek black Satin who looks like a sculpture – except when she’s doing the snorting honking piggy dance for breakfast…

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    Lovely wheeskairs!!

  4. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh my gosh! Rabbits do a snorting honking piggy breakfast dance?? How wonderful! What a wonderful thing in life!!

  5. Coffee Cup (now with more bunnies) says:

    Mine gets on his hind legs when he knows it’s food time.

  6. It is hilarious, and not big on dignity…
    (I lack video because I have a black rabbit and dark blue carpeting)

  7. “Good Evening, Mr. Bond.”

  8. Queen of Dork says:

    The more I learn about rabbits the more I would so love to meet one.

  9. I see a Mr. Buns’ ‘Exxxxcellent’; or rather, as pronounced by Homer, ‘Exactly. D’Oh!’

  10. Coffee Cup says:

    Volunteer with a shelter! The animals always benefit from more attention and love. Maybe you’ll find one you want to adopt.

  11. 6rabbits says:

    It is amazing how undignified buns can be regarding feeding time! I think they spend so much time disapproving cos they want us to forget that!

  12. flutterby says:

    Just a teeny hint of disapproval….natch!

    He kinda looks like my kitty Bucky.

  13. Ahhhh…. and do your lagamorph pals exhibit the sheer unbridled joy of banana twitchy butt??? 🙂

  14. She’s actually started nipping at my ankles in impatient excitement =- have to work on that

  15. wendyzski says:

    Alas no. But my previous bun did so for peanut butter!

  16. wendyzski says:

    I agree – volunteer!
    Rabbits aren’t for everyone – they are prey animals, so most take time to warm up and trust you. Some always stay reserved, especially if they didn’t have the greatest start. But if you learn how to look and are patient, it’s the most rewarding thing in the whole world!

    My first bun was scared and hostile (she was a dumped easter bun) for months, but when she did her fist binky (happy dance) I cried. She liked to hang out up on the bookshelves so she could see everything. She was a bossy girl who once tried to attack the neighbor’s chihuahua, though she generally liked dogs she hated other rabbits. She was never much of a snuggler, but she would come ask for pettins on her terms and she slept under my bed every night.

    My current bun is a lovely and smart Satin girl, who survived for MONTHS in a residential neighborhood by figuring out to go to people for food. In fact, when the rescuers came, some neighbors called the cops because “They’re stealing our bunny!”. She likes to throw things around (keys, cups, papers) and will hop up on the couch to demand snuggles. She can clear a 36″ gate and my couch blankets are full of holes.

  17. I don’t know if everyone else is aware of “twitchy butt” but I did actually get a short video of Nutmeg savoring her banana with great flare! Are we allowed to post URLs??? Let’s see if I wind up in the mod lounge…

  18. Coffee Cup says:

    Mine took a year or so to acclimate to us, and then YEARS to acclimate to strangers.

  19. Jimbeaux says:

    I just wanted to interject and say that ‘Nutmeg’ is, in fact, the perfect name for the bunneh in question!

  20. “Good Evening, Mr. Bund.”

  21. Wow! I missed seeing His Nibness make it on here! Thanks so much oh, Overlords of Overload for putting Nibs on here. He’s currently stretched out under the table, exhausted from the pet session earlier. He bows courteously to you all, waving one elegant chocolate paw in salaam and uttering his favorite comment: “Bah.” (He says that to banana, apple, and us, too. We like to believe it indicates some small measure of approval. Saves on therapy bills that way.) Seriously, thank you and thanks for all the kind comments on the Big Guy. 😀

  22. 6rabbits says:

    YES! I’ve always wondered if others’ rabbits do this. I have had rabbits with “mild twitchy butt” to “full force twitchy butt” where it looks like there is something alive trying to push thru the fur! 😉 My Molly bun even WAGGED HER TAIL in anticipation! (Alas, no video.)

  23. LunaChickFringe says:

    Remember to make yours chocolate this Easter. Rabbits, chicks and ducks all suffer this time of year because people think they are “disposable”. I hugs my girls closer and thank the heavens they have a home with us where they will never ever go without. If only I could adopt them all.

  24. This.
    Last year, our small north side storefront shelter rescued 41 “used easter bunnies” – rabbits of the right age abandoned outdoors. (that’s not counting the surrenders or intakes from ACC). The first was found in a cardboard box out by the trash on easter monday morning. We even found one in the trash who had been dyed blue and fed on cat food! (both are fine and healthy now, and adopted)

    We’re nearly at capacity now and it’s not even Easter. I worry what we are going to do. *cries*

  25. This, twicetimes. Mike’s and my first housebunny together was a black and white rabbit cast adrift by some (very bad word redacted) on our property (also known as “predator central”). Quantum was a sweetheart, but she died 6 months after we brought her in from cancer since the same (redacted) hadn’t had her fixed. Nibs was a rescue bun and, judging by his age when we got him, was likely an Easter cast-off. Thank you so much for what you do, Wendy! The buns and we-who-love-them appreciate it.

  26. wendyzski says:

    My first bun (black and white spotted/masked lop) came in through ACC from a city park in August, covered in ticks and fleas and “very hormonal”. She suffered from chronic pasteurella and was on and off antibiotics for 4 years before she finally died at just under 7.

    So far Winslet is as healthy as a horse *knock wood*.

    Everyone at the shelter is looking stressed and a bit haunted at the moment – waiting for the shoe to drop, as it were. Cuz it’s coming…