Bunday Bread

On Bunday, for our breakfast break
A baffling baguette we bake
It serves two needs instead of one:
A loaf, but also just a bun.

Via swruler9284.



  1. aaahhh, animal food!

  2. kibblenibble says:

    “Butter my butt” 😆

  3. NOMTOM’s a poet
    And we all know it!

  4. Don’t cha mean…Well, butter my Buns? ;o)

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Constant disapproval has made this bun a little crusty.

  6. Hehehe.

  7. Gives new meaning to a bun in the oven…. Bwahahahahahaha!!!!!

  8. OK Easter is coming so how many start with the ears and how many with the tail?
    I’m an ear person myself.

  9. Mary (the first) says:

    Was just thinking the same thing .. “I’m gonna nom those ears right off .. just like every year!”

  10. Are we talking chocolate or marshmallow? Because, being more of the marshmallow persuasion myself, I can tell you, marshmallow gets popped in mouf all in one go.

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Someone has been breading like rabbits.

  12. fish eye no miko says:

    You’re jokes never get stale, Oakley. (-:

  13. fish eye no miko says:

    And even some chocolate bunnies are small enough to eat all in one go, actually…
    But for bigger ones–or if I want to eat it slowly–I start with the ears.

  14. If the poem chaps your hiney, what choice do you really have but to butter your buns?

  15. I personally start with the ears so the Bun doesn’t hear what’s coming,

  16. phred's mom says:

    Personally, I go for the Peep Pop,
    entire yellow blob all at once,
    with a dark chocolate chaser.
    Yum. 😮

  17. phred's mom says:

    …humane, that.

  18. Why, oh why, wasn’t someone holding this in their hand for Palm Bunday!?

  19. 6rabbits says:

    *claps heartily*

  20. Some people see the Virgin Mary in the toast. Nomtom sees buns. Eenteresteeng

  21. Oooh, bread! *pops in mouth* oh, were you looking at that? Whoops…