Maddie Is On Things Again

Maddie likes to get on things. Maddie’s on a book tour, too. (Click on each image to enlarge.)

All of these great images are from the flat-out brilliant Theron Humphrey.



  1. Where do I find a doguitar? I would like to learn to play.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful photos, Theron. The first is how I feel as the sun starts to have some warmth to it and I know Spring might actually happen, and the head-on-head “We’re a package deal” one cracked me up.

  3. LOL, inside the guitar (cello?) case is brilliant. Appawse, Mr. Humphrey, appawse!

  4. simulflow says:

    Anyone remember William Wegman? I’m very much reminded of him.

    And love the pineapple hat and “Beware Of Dog”!!

  5. Her eyes are always closed.Has she been blinded?

  6. William Wegman is what I immediately thought of. And that’s a huge compliment to Maddie’s hooman.

  7. Maddie is such a relaxed girl.

  8. did she come out of the pages of a Dr Seuss story?

  9. Jennifer says:

    I think she just gets bored and closes her eyes for a little nap while she’s posing.

  10. SNERK!

  11. Maddie has her own book “Maddie On Things”…a great gift for any dog lover, I should know I bought one for myself!!

  12. i’ve been following maddie on tumblr for some time now and I love it. I find you can tell that maddie and theron have a special connection and relationship. maddie was rescued from a shelter and is THE poster dog for adoption!